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All Campuses. One Location.

5GO is an overnight event specifically for 5th grade students. The event runs from Saturday, July 13 at 6pm through Sunday, July 14 at 8:30am. It is open to any 5th grade student.

The purpose of the event is to connect students in small groups, and build the relationship between students and their leader. Throughout the night we will have plenty of fun, plenty of food, and plenty of chances to build friendships around taking next steps with God.

Event price: $50

Event Schedule

Saturday, July 13 at 6pm – Sunday, July 14 at 8:30am

6:00pm | Registration & Check-In
6:45pm | Main Session 1
7:30pm | Outer Realm 1
8:00pm | Small Group Session 1
8:30pm | Free Time
8:45pm | Outer Realm 2
9:15pm | Main Session 2
10:00pm | Small Group Session 2
10:30pm | Free Time & Snack
10:45pm | Outer Realm 3
11:00pm | Lights Out (Movie on the Field)
7:30am | Wake Up, Pack Up, Breakfast
8:00am | Main Session 3
8:30am | Check Out


When and where is drop off?
Drop off will be happening inside the gym next to the Student Lobby. All students should enter through the gym side door for registration promptly at 6pm on Saturday, July 13 for drop off.


Should my student have dinner before drop off?
Yes! Make sure your student has dinner before coming to 5GO. We will have snacks later on in the evening, but a full dinner will not be provided.


What happens during “Outer Realm?”
Outer Realm is the what makes 5GO truly a 5th Grade Event. 5th Graders NEED to have fun, and we use Outer Realm Games in order to provide them with more fun than they could ever expect. Small Groups will compete in games all night including everything from color wars, to glow stick scavenger hunts, to inflatable dinosaurs, to Christmas themes, and more. When you ask your kid, “How was 5GO?” expect them to tell you all about the Outer Realm!


What happens in Main Sessions?
Main Sessions are used to bring the story of Jesus to life for your students. We use videos, live teaching, skits, and worship to present the Gospel in a way that is perfect for a 5th Grader to understand.


What happens in Small Groups?
We always say that Small Groups are the most important part of what we do for students. You see, 5th Graders can’t simply be told about Jesus, they have to have opportunities to talk about Jesus, and more importantly, what He’s doing in their lives. This happens in Small Groups where students will be put in a group with about 10 other students and 1-2 Small Group Leaders. At 5GO your students will learn with their small group, compete with their small group, and grow with their small group. Sometimes people ask what the best way is to help their student take next steps with God is. The answer?… SMALL GROUPS!


Where are students sleeping?
Students will be sleeping at 2|42 in Brighton on the turf field split up between boys and girls. They will need to bring something to sleep under (or partner with friends) and to sleep in. This can be a sleeping bag, a tent, a refrigerator box, a creative blanket fort – whatever you can think of.


Do I need to send my kid with money?
The $50 price includes the entire event, all meals, games, activities, etc. There will be a snack shack and a SWAG shop where items will be for sale. So, if you anticipate your student wanting some extra snacks or cool t-shirts, you may want to send them with some extra money, but it’s not required.


When and where is pickup?
Pick up will be in the gym at 8:30am on Sunday, July 14.


I plan on attending the 9am service at the Brighton campus on Sunday, July 14. Can I just pick my kid up after the service?
All students must be successfully checked out of the 5GO event at 8:30am. At that point students are more than welcome to check-in to our 9am student service happening in the student auditorium while parents attend adult services in the main auditorium.