Big Give

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What is the Big Give?

Big Give is the weekend of November 4 & 5, where we will be giving our entire offering to help fund the mission of the church, and partner with local organizations. We’ll be allocating 1/3 of the offering to each of our 3 initiatives. Let’s be the church in a recklessly generous way.

Iglesia de dios san jose de la canada | Newthing Network | Local Organization

Iglesia de Dios en San Jose de la Cañada

Iglesia de Dios en San Jose de la Cañada will be pastored by Pablo Obando, and will be located in the Municipality of Managua, Nicaragua. Most of the community lives in extreme poverty, with little to no resources, with 40% of the population under the age of 18. Pastor Pablo has teamed up with Compassion International, an organization dedicated to long term development of children living in poverty. When Pastor Pablo builds his church, it’ll make room for up to 200 kids to connect with Compassion and with our 2|42 family. It’s our hope that through Pastor Pablo, and Iglesia de Dios en San Jose de la Cañada, we’ll be able to sponsor and resource every child that comes through his doors.
How can we help?
The Big Give will help make Iglesia de Dios en San Jose de la Cañada a reality. Not only will we be able to provide the physical resources to make the building, but we’ll connect with the kids who come to know Iglesia de Dios en San Jose de la Cañada as their church home.

Newthing Network

Thirteen years ago Dave Dummitt moved from Chicago after completing a Church Planting Residency with Community Christian Church and New Thing. Thirteen years ago the framework,=vision, & the sense of urgency for planting a new church in Livingston County was being born. The dream to start a new church like no other church in the community, a church that values people on the fringe rather than the core, a church that becomes a partner with the community to reach the broken, the hurt, the forgotten for God.

2|42 Community Church was resourced, the staff and volunteers were trained and equipped with with New Thing materials. Fast forward thirteen years, The reason New Thing is one of the initiatives during our 2017 Big Give is because people matter to God. New Thing is an organization dedicated to helping churches plant new churches, training and equipping church planters and their teams to be ready before day one to meet the needs of their community. Over 6000 people regularly attend 2|42, You yourself may have found yourselves far from God, searching for a place where you can hear Jesus’s teaching in a way the is relevant to your lives today. You have been able to take next steps with God, because of the foundation that New Thing gave 2|42.
There are people all across our state, our country, our world who need a New Thing in their lives. Let us be the church helps give them a home, a community, a family.

Ann Arbor Campus

The Generosity Project
Imagine coming home to an empty room. No couch. No tables. No beds. Just a few blankets and pillows to sleep on. When families leave abuse and emergency shelters they often have nothing more than they can carry in their hands. That’s a real problem facing our community, and The Generosity Project is stepping up to help solve it.

The goal of The Generosity Project is to not only meet these needs, but also teach children about generosity and philanthropy through hands-on experiences, and their next big project is a collaboration with Humble Design to help furnish homes for women & children affected by abuse and homelessness in our community. Together with your help and the help of 400 students from a local school, they hope to provide beds, furniture, and the bare necessities to make a house feel like a home.

You’ll be teaching kids what it looks like to not only be generous, but how to receive generosity. And with your help, we hope to provide dozens of families with new beginnings.

How can we help?
Money and supplies are raised by the students to better the lives of the kids in need in Washtenaw County to help teach generosity and philanthropy skills. But when kids or classrooms aren’t able to meet all of their goal, the dollars donated from BIG GIVE will help supplement supplies to make ends meet.

Brighton Campus

Pregnancy Help Clinic
The Pregnancy Help Clinic offers free pregnancy testing, STI testing, ultra sounds, and nurse consultation for the women of Livingston County.
It is their mission to assist young women and men facing life altering decisions everyday. Their goal is to reach as many woman like Shelby, so that no one ever feels they have no choice to continue their pregnancy. They do this before during and after – with crisis prevention relationship education, medical services and professional consultation interventions, and client focused support services.

How can we help?
The Pregnancy Help Clinic currently has a nurse in school to receive her Nurse Practioner license, allowing them to extend their services. But they don’t have the finances to pay her salary. Your generosity will help The Pregnancy Help Clinic hire a Nurse Practioner so they can offer more extensive OBGYN services. This will allow them to see women through every stage of pregnancy, as well as offer general OBGYN care so that more women can experience safe, healthy and holistic care.

Lansing Campus

Many Hands
1 out of every 5 kids deal with hunger on the weekends, a statistic that proves true in nearly every community, including ours. Throughout the week, school lunch programs help feed kids, but the weekends are left void. Many teachers find themselves competing with hunger on Monday morning, making learning difficult for kids who show up hungry. That’s where Many Hands comes in.

Many Hands provides “weekend survival kits” to children in grades k-5 to help fill the gap of hunger in our local communities. They work together with local schools to help anyone who needs help, hoping that funding will match the need.

The need is great. Let’s step up, and make sure that no kid goes hungry.