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Some of the greatest stories have already been told.

July 20 + 21 | Spiderman

You’ve probably heard it said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. What does that mean when we apply it to our identity as the church? Could it be that the power to change the world already lies within you?

July 27 + 28 | Toy Story

Friendships play a huge role in all of our lives. Even though we were designed for community, forming strong friendships can be difficult in our culture. Together, let’s unpack the value of friendship as well as a few practical ways we can tell someone, “You’ve got a friend in me”!

Aug 3 + 4 | Men In Black

Fifteen hundred years ago, everybody knew that the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew that the Earth was flat. And this weekend, we’re going to unpack how humans aren’t alone in the universe as we discover some biblical truths about the supernatural in the world today.

Aug 10 + 11 | Lion King

When Simba left his homeland, the world became a darker place. It wasn’t until his return that hope was restored to Pride Rock. How does this mirror the world we live in today? When is our leader, Jesus Christ, coming back to rescue us from the hyenas? (Ok, maybe not actual hyenas, but you get it). Let’s chat about it together this weekend.