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Mother’s Day: May 13 | 14

Mother’s Day is a special day at 2|42. This weekend we are going to celebrate the valuable role that mothers play in all of our lives.

Marriage: May 20 | 21

What happens when marriage ceases to be a beautiful experience and begins to become a grind? How do you get back on track to experience a life-giving relationship that doesn’t just bless your household, but also models who God is, and His love for this world? This week we will uncover some encouraging next steps to strengthen marriages.

Family: May 27 | 28

There are all kinds of forces working against your family in our society today. Families are not healthy by accident; you have to fight for your family if you want it to be a great family. This week we will unpack some survival skills to help you make the most of your family.

Friends: June 3 | 4