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November 30 & December 1 | Beautiful

For many of us, every year the Christmas season begins, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – but as the month carries on and the stresses of the season take center stage, we tend to lose our sense of wonder. Let’s unpack how when Jesus enters into our broken world, He restores and recaptures the beauty of our lives.

December 7 & 8 | Unexpected

Everything about Jesus’ birth was unexpected. He arrives on the scene as a way to teach us that even in the midst of the unexpected, He brings hope.

December 14 & 15 | Inexplicable

So much about Jesus’ birth is a mystery. The events of His birth are truly difficult to imagine. And yet, His birth brought about victory over sin, death, hell and the grave. Join us this weekend as we unpack the mystery of the birth of Jesus and what that means for us today.

December 21 & 22 | Unfamiliar

What are you pursuing? The Wise Men were pursuing knowledge and found Jesus. The shepherds were pursuing a living for their families and found Jesus. Is what you’re pursuing leading you to Jesus? This week we’ll discuss how journeying into the unfamiliar can lead us directly to Christ.