Change My Attitude

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What does God think about attitudes? This series (based on the James MacDonald book of the same title) uses examples from the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt to show that attitudes can affect whether someone stays in the wilderness or enjoys the blessings of the promised land.

Oct 6 & 7 | Complaining vs. Thankfulness

Complaining is an attitude choice that if left unchecked will wither my capacity to experience joy and genuine thankfulness.

Oct 13 & 14 | Rebellion vs. Submission

Pride and jealousy are symptoms of a more dire issue of rebellion. Rebellion is a mindset for many people and unknowingly may be the very trap keeping you from experiencing true joy. Success is less about talent and more about teachability. Join us this week as we highlight the problem of rebellion and grasp the freedom of submission.

Oct 20 & 21 | Criticism vs. Love

Critical thinking is a skill, but being overly critical can be a snare. It would be so sad if those with the greatest message of Love don’t share it in a loving way. Join us this week as we move past our overly critical mindset and reveal the life changing power of Love.

Oct 27 & 28 | Coveting vs Contentment

There are several 4 letter words that are problematic for Christ followers. But none may be more detrimental to a persons faith than the word “MORE”. This week will be conclude our series and we will be looking at what steps can we take to transform our life from an attitude of coveting to an attitude of contentment.