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The Road

From the Mount of Olives to the tomb, the road that Jesus took to his crucifixion and resurrection is a real place. Throughout this series, we will be showing current video of ancient Jerusalem as we journey on that road leading up to a huge celebration Easter weekend. 


The Distraction of Applause of Crowds: March 25 | 26

Our lives are like a road, and we all want to end up at the same place.The problem is that along this road there are so many detours and roadblocks that it can stop our progress. Jesus models for us how to walk this road. What he experiences in the six days leading up to the cross is what we experience over our entire lives.

The Breakdown of Betrayal: April 1 | 2

Each of us has a story about someone in our life that let us down. You put your trust in someone, and they left you stranded on the road of your life. Jesus experienced this as well on his road to the cross. We can learn how to heal from the hurt of betrayal when we walk the way Jesus did.

The Detour of Dread: April 8 | 9

All of us have things that we dread: going to the dentist, doing your taxes or sometimes getting up for work the next day. The problem with this is that dread can pose a detour. The good news is that Jesus dealt with dread as well, and He shows us the way we can make it down that road.

Easter: April 15 | 16

The message of Easter never changes, but its meaning in our lives leaves us changed forever. Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus we have been saved, but what does that mean for us today? Join us as we travel the road back to the root of the story to discover the beginning of our new story.