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“Who Do You Think You Are?” is a 4 week series where we will dive into some of the deep discussions on identity and our willingness and ability to live the life we were called to live.


My Feelings of Inadequacy | Sep 9 & 10

What happens when we compare others highlight reels with our behind the scenes? For many, it brings about an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. Join us this week as we learn how to address these feelings, and find the strength to rise above.

My Need for Control | Sep 16 & 17

How many of you really like to be in control of your finances, friends, and your future? For many of us control is the desired place we like to live, but, what if we were never meant to live that way? Join us this week as we learn a valuable lesson about the desire to control.

My Right to be Offended | Sep 23 & 24

In a day and age where more and more people are connected through social media, it has become increasingly easier and easier for people to be offended. Join us this week as we discuss how to find the strength to respond when you are offended instead of just reacting in the moment.

My Longing for Approval | Sep 30 & Oct 1

What are they going to say about my: clothes, income, education level, family, friends,…life! Often times we prioritize what other people think, and allow it to determine who we are. Join us this week as we learn about the truth of who you are in the face of a world telling you who to be.