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A four week series about recognizing your regrets. That’s the first step to releasing them to God, because only God can take the worst things in our lives and use them for good.

Love Your Regrets | Feb 10 & 11

Have you ever felt stuck and weighed down by regret? When we learn to love our regrets, we grow, and we discover that it’s never too late to start over.

Recognize Your Regrets | Feb 17 & 18

We all have regrets. Many of them come from our attempts to fulfill unmet longings. This back and forth between longing and regret is what we call the, “Sorry Cycle.”  This week we’ll see what God says about escaping it.

Release Your Regrets | Feb 24 & 25

It is possible to learn to love our regrets, because through them, we see God at work. We see that our weakness does not limit what God can do, because He is bigger than any regret! What will you do with your life on the other side of regret?

Redeem Your Regrets | March 3 & 4

Your regrets don’t need to keep you from the joy that God has for your life! Now you have the tools to find new freedom in living out your God-given dreams. Start by applying the recognize-release-redeem process to the regrets in your life.