High School - Oct 27/28. 9th-12th Graders.

Middle School - Nov 3/4. 6th-8th Graders.

Can A Weekend Change Your Life?

3 Campuses. 2 Weekends. 1 Location.


MS Student

MS Volunteer


Are there two Fall Wknds this year?
Yes! In order to best tailor Fall Wknd to individual student needs, we are doing two different weekends this year. High School will be October 27 and 28. And then this year we are including 6th graders and throwing a 6-8 Grade Fall Wknd the following weekend, November 3 and 4.

When does the event start and end?
Registration for both events start Friday at 6:30pm. Both events end Saturday at 11:00pm.

Where are students sleeping?
Students will be sleeping at 2|42 in Brighton. They will need to bring something to sleep under (or partner with friends) and to sleep in. This can be a tent, a refrigerator box, a creative blanket fort – whatever you can think of. Plan on the ground being hard, as students will be spread out the building. Some of the sleep area surfaces are turf, some are carpet, some are hard floor.

My kid has a game on Friday night or practice on Saturday morning. Can they still come?
Absolutely. We have an area in the student lobby called the “Q” where students can check in and out throughout the event.

Can my son or daughter bring a friend from another church or from school?
Definitely. We encourage it. And we will do what we can to make sure they are in small group together.

What is happening Saturday afternoon during adult services? Did you mention a barn party?
Yes! This year, for both the high school and middle school Fall Wknds, we will be heading to the VanGilder farm in Fowlerville for a Barn Party. If your kid has flanel, a straw hat, or other barn gear, have them bring it. Also, make sure they pack something warm enough for being outside during the afternoon. At the barn party we will be line dancing, hay riding, game playing and eating dinner.

Do I need to send my kid with money?
The $50 price includes the entire event, all meals, games, activities, etc. There will be a snack shack and a SWAG shop where items will be for sale. We recommend around $20 spending money, but this is not required.

When do I pick my kid up?
Unlike years past, we will be not be spending Saturday night at 2|42. After our final small group session on Saturday we will gather back in the auditorium for a BIG ENDING at 10:30. Following the Big Ending, students will be ready for pick up in the student area. Plan on picking up your son or daughter at 11:00pm on the Saturday of your event.

Pick-up and drop-off ends at 1pm on Saturday. Students will be leaving for a barn party on Saturday afternoon, so we will be ending the pick-ups and drop-offs before we leave. If your son or daughter has something Saturday afternoon, we still recommend having them come. They will still have been a part of the first two sessions and small groups by then. However, if your kid has something Saturday evening, please pick them up at or before 1pm Saturday.