Go Be is a phrase that you've probably heard said from time to time. “Go be the church where you live work and play.”

While the weekends are incredibly important, the church is at its most powerful when it’s scattered. When we leave this building, and we go be the church in all the places that we live, the places that we work and the places that we play. Throughout the next year, we’ll be diving into go+be and offering practical steps on how to be the church outside of the church building.

go+be where you LIVE

It’s easy to look at the world, and think about who needs Jesus, when all too often we fail to serve and love the people right in our own backyard. Sometimes it can be as simple as asking to borrow our neighbors rake to make a connection, or choosing to hang out in our front yard instead of the privacy of our back yards. We don’t have to look far to grow deep in community.

go+be where you WORK

We spend more time at work than we do anywhere else. Our co-workers, the networks that come out of our jobs, are some of the most time-heavy relationships we have. But do you know anything about your co-workers? What would happen if we took the time to get to know their stories, and create opportunities to share ours?

go+be where you PLAY

Who doesn’t like to have fun? We all need to do things that bring us life and joy, and when we invite others in on play, it grows relationships that might not have existed before. This is why we’ve created community centers, and not church buildings. For the groups of guys who come to a church to play flag football, or the parents who meet in a kids space for free story time, or the business owner who offers to buy dinner at the cafe for a client after a meeting. Being a missionary isn’t boring, and doesn’t have to involve jumping on an airplane or deep theological discussion (although it totally can). It can be as simple as asking a few friends to shoot some hoops on Saturday mornings, or going to a painting class with your neighbors. When we’re the church where we play, we get to share Jesus in a personal way that connects with people right where they’re at.