Student Haiti Trip

Summer 2019 we are taking high school students to Haiti. We will be partnering with Haitian Christian Outreach (HCO). HCO is an organization founded by Roro Eustache which plants churches, schools, health care and other programs in communities that need them the most. On this trip, students will work with kids from a school, visit a church 2|42 helped build and continue projects other teams have worked on throughout the summer. Along the way, students will also build lifelong friendships, a deeper understanding of the global church, and have an opportunity to see how the Gospel impacts people from a different culture.

For all the information you could probably want, check out the HCO participant guide.


When is the trip?

Young Adults: April 13-20
High School Students: July 13-20

What is the cost?

TBD based on plane ticket prices. Range: $1500-$2000.

How do I register with HCO?

You can fill out the HCO registration form by clicking the green box above. Choose the 2/42Hullett (they spelled it that way) trip with the correct dates.

Are there fundraising opportunities?

We have a ton of ideas. We also have success stories from past students who did fundraising, and a support letter that you can personalize.

What vaccinations are required?

The CDC recommends vaccinations for Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and malaria (usually in pill form). If you have concerns about any of these, please contact your heath care provider.

What about the Zika virus?

In the region of Haiti we are traveling to there have not been any cases of Zika. While there is still an outside chance of coming in contact during travel. HCO takes every precaution to prevent interactions with mosquitoes. We will have bug nets in our sleeping area, and will travel with windows up.

If you have additional questions or concerns, use the button above to let us know.