Kid Community

We honestly believe that Kid Co. is the perfect place for children to learn about Jesus. This age-specific, park-themed environment is well lit, secure and filled with loving volunteers.


The morning begins with playtime activities while children are being dropped off. In the 2 year old through kindergarten classes, teachers will often introduce an activity that is related to the story once all of the children have arrived…so make room on that fridge!


In our toddler classes, teaching about Jesus begins as early as 1 year old! After playtime, developmentally-appropriate , repetitive teaching is followed by a Cheerios snack and more playtime.


After our opening activities in secure classrooms, 2′s through K move to the center of Preschool Kid Co. for a large group time. Preschoolers love to sing and dance, so we begin with worship time. It is great to see their energetic, expressive faces singing to God.

Bible Story

Then, a storyteller tells the Bible story of the day. We have a handful of great storytellers that love to creatively communicate God’s word to our little ones. Our curriculum is called “First Look” and communicates three basic truths throughout the year: God made me. God loves me. -and- Jesus wants to be my forever friend.

Small Group

When the children return to their classrooms, they participate in another activity of craft that corresponds with the story they just heard. Following this, is the ever-popular SNACK TIME! Teachers are then able to sit on the floor with the kids and discuss the story once more in small group time before the parents come to pick them up.

Safe & Secure

Safety very important to us. It is our policy that 2 volunteers are with children at all times. Children go into stalls alone unless assistance is needed. In this case, the stall door is left open. Our volunteers are identified with Kid Co. lanyards. They fill out applications and receive background checks so we can provide safe, loving and quality care to children every week.

Kid Community Staff

Eric Rauch | Director of Family Ministries |
Angie Cox | Director of Preschool Kid Co. @ Brighton Campus|
Stephanie Lingo | Director of Preschool Kid Co. @ Ann Arbor Campus |

Kid Community Preschool
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