Lansing Service Times


9:30am, 11:00am

Lansing Location

2600 Bennett Rd, Okemos, MI

Questions? Email us at


Most of you know that we’re in a 2 year journey called, “DEVOTED”, and one of the initiatives that we have is to be ALL IN FOR MULTIPLICATION. We want to plant 20 churches by the year 20/20, all with the desire to help people take next steps with God.

We are excited to announce that 2|42 Community Church and Meridian Christian Church will be partnering together to be the 3rd Campus of 2|42 in Lansing, Michigan!

Starting in January, we will be holding Launch Team Gatherings to begin the process of launching our Lansing Campus. If you’d like to be involved, we’d love to have you! Gatherings will be held on January 17th, February 21st, March 13th and April 3rd.


When will the 2|42 and Meridian start combining?

We will start combining campuses in January, beginning with the Launch Team Meetings on January 17th.


What is the Launch Team?

The Launch Team will be comprised of people from both 2|42 and Meridian who are interested in helping with getting 2|42 Lansing started. We’ll talk more about what this looks like at our meeting on January 17th.


Can I help with the Launch Team even if I don’t live in Lansing?

Yes! We hope that anyone who’s excited about the launching of our third campus will be around the help. Even if you don’t intend on attending the Lansing Campus, we would still love for you to be a part of the team that gets it all started.


Will Meridian Christian Church keeps its name?

The Meridian Campus will be called 2|42 Community Church. It will get updated branding and signage. This won’t happen until later in the year, once we get our Launch teams going.


Have any other questions or concerns? Please let us know at