Several years into our marriage, I sat down at my computer and typed these words into the search engine: “Date night ideas that aren’t boring.” I was tired of our dinner-and-a-movie default and wanted realistic options. We were desperate for new ways to connect but the everyday demands of life drained us of the creativity to think beyond our standard date night routines. 

Why date nights are important

Now, with 10 years of marriage under our belt, I’m convinced that intentionally investing in our relationship is one of the best decisions we made. We have two adorable kids, fulfilling jobs, a small group we love, and an extended family we value. But the health of our marriage impacts our ability to show up well in every other role and relationship. 

At the end of the day, I don’t want to be my husband’s roommate; I want to be his partner. It’s tempting to view marriage as an obligation when you only communicate about the obligations that fill up your day. But marriage isn’t an obligation; it’s an honor. All throughout the Bible, we see how honor is more than words; it also impacts our time and attention (Romans 12|10, John 12|26, Isaiah 29|13). 

The same thing happens when we honor our marriages: We set aside time and attention, even when it takes a bit of creativity. If you’re like us and want to renovate your date night experience, here are several ways to get started… 

Fun date night ideas

  1. Sing Karaoke | Find a restaurant or lounge that has a weekly karaoke night. Pick a song for the other person to sing, or sign up for a duet.
  2. Get Active | If it’s warm, rent a double kayak. If it’s cold, go skiing on the slopes. Get moving and have an adventure!
  3. Pokémon Go | Download the Pokémon Go App (available on Apple or Android devices)  because you gotta catch ‘em all. Pro tip: Church buildings are usually pokémon gyms. 

Romantic date night ideas

  1. Go Dancing | Rekindle your connection on the dance floor. From ballroom to line dancing to swing, you’re sure to find a style to match your vibe.
  2. Fondue Dinner | Nothing says love like a pot of melted chocolate. Skip the typical menu and opt to share food over the fondue pot. You can also use these cards to deepen conversation over dinner.
  3. Drive-In Movie | Watch your favorite flick under the stars. Google a drive-in nearest you to find a schedule of showings, and bring a blanket to snuggle up.

Cheap date night ideas

  1. Volunteer Together | Find a cause you both care about and donate your time. Bond over a shared passion while giving back!
  2. Disc Golf | Many courses are free! Just invest in a few discs by purchasing through Amazon or your local sporting goods store.
  3. Picnic and Board Games | Pack up your favorite snacks and head to the park. Find a nice spot to play your favorite board game!

Date night ideas at home

  1. DIY Date | Click here for a basic guide to make your own candles! Keep the candles in your home as a reminder of what you can create when you work together.
  2. Collect Memories | Create a time capsule with items around your home. Write a letter to your spouse and put it in the box, then set a date in the future to open it up and read each other’s words.
  3. Get Competitive | Have a cookie baking contest! If you don’t want to be stuck with dozens of cookies at the end of the night, bless a neighbor with a plate of sweets.

Creative date night ideas

  1. Pottery Class | Create something new while sitting side by side. And be prepared to get a little messy!
  2. Cooking Class | Work together to build your skills in the kitchen. Most classes will let you eat what you cooked, so this date can double as dinner!
  3. Redecorate a Room | Pick one room in your home that you can freshen up easily. Put on your favorite Spotify playlist and give your space a facelift! 

Other things to consider including:

It’s easy to cancel date nights when life gets busy, but the health of your most intimate relationship will impact how you engage others and show up for your life. On the weeks that are bursting at the seams with busyness, date night can feel like another obligation vying for your attention.

Just remember: your marriage is an honor, not an obligation. Keep it fresh by introducing some creativity–choose a date night experience that will feel adventurous, but remember the end goal is connection. 

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About the Author: Maggie Johnson
Maggie Johnson is a business owner, a wife, and a mom. She believes the best kind of ministry happens in ordinary, unexpected places. Armed with blunt truth and tender care, there is nothing she loves more than helping others know God for themselves.

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