2|42 Date Night Step Four

You’ve made it to the halfway point of Date Night! Isn’t this fun? Well, you’re just getting started. 

Step Four: Dig Deep. For this step, there are some ground rules:

  1. Just listen! Listen to your date. Uncross your arms and legs, lean in, and hear their heart without defense or justification.
  2. Assume positive intent. Filter everything you hear through the assumption that they love you and are for you.
  3. Respond with grace. Ask clarifying questions, if needed. Find out what your date needs from you in this season of your relationship. Offer to make a change that will strengthen your connection. 

Now that we’ve covered the ground rules, take turns responding and discussing:

Do you feel like I make you a priority in my life?

We know you want to win in this relationship, but sometimes winning takes work. After you’ve discussed everything, move on to Step Five.