2|42 Date Night Step Three

It is easy to forget the magical moments while living in the mundane. You and your date aren’t the same as when you first met, and that’s ok! You’ve grown in years and in experiences. Instead of growing apart, commit to growing together.

Step Three: Jog Your Memory. Ask the following questions and allow time for both of you to answer:

  1. What do you love most about me?
  2. What is something I do that you would like me to do more often?
  3. What is something I used to do that you would like me to start doing again?

Take what you heard from your date and plan practical ways to show up for them in the days ahead. If dinner has not been served yet, move on to the next prompt. However, if your food has arrived, pray for your dinner and thank God for your date. Now, on to Step Four!