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Posted On 03/18/2015

30 Days of Change :: Day 11



Luke 15-16

Consider This:

There’s a really famous story Jesus told about two sons and a father, which is really all about you and your Father (yes, your capital “F” Father). There’s so much emphasis on
the younger brother (his decision, his exploits, his return, his reward), but have you ever considered that this story could be far more about the father and the older brother? It’s
likely you can see yourself as the younger brother; the stories of many sound as though they were ripped from the pages of his. But is there a chance in the “right now” of your
story that you’re far more like the older brother? Maybe you’ve always been that way. And what does this story say about the father … your Father?

Change for Today:

I will search my heart today for any evidence of “older brother.” I will confess it, turn from it and go running back to my Father.


Write down some of your own thoughts and questions after reading. Is there a story about the change you made today?

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