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Posted On 03/18/2015

30 Days of Change :: Day 13



Luke 19

Consider This:

The Temple of God had become an open-air market. Every part of the sacred celebration of Passover had been hijacked by entrepreneurs. If you didn’t bring a
suitable sacrificial animal, you could buy one in the Temple. If you needed to buy one, you’d have to exchange your money for Temple cash, at a cost. It was just the tip of the
iceberg Jesus observed as He deliberately walked through God’s House the evening of His triumphant entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. He would return the next day
to drive out every last remnant of the evil that had overtaken what He reclaimed as a house of prayer for all nations. What does your temple look like?

Change for Today:

I will invite Jesus to observe my temple today and begin the work of driving out every last thief.


Write down some of your own thoughts and questions after reading. Is there a story about the change you made today?

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