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Posted On 03/18/2015

30 Days of Change :: Day 16



Luke 23

Consider This:

The Crucifixion is heavy and dark. It should never not be. The God of the Universe gave up everything in sending Jesus to become one of us and to willingly die in the cruelest
way imaginable. But why did He do it? Why did Jesus allow Himself to be beaten until He was no longer recognizable? Why did Jesus willingly choose to take every single sin
of every single person that would ever live on Himself and take them to the grave to be once and forever paid for? Because God wanted us back.

Change for Today:

Today, I will choose to see my own denials and confess them. Today, I will thank God for His intentional gifts of mercy and forgiveness.


Write down some of your own thoughts and questions after reading. Is there a story about the change you made today?

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