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Posted On 03/16/2015

30 Days of Change :: Day 6



Luke 8

Consider This:

What kind of soil is your heart? Your heart really is like soil, and your faith really is a seed. Are the roots of your faith growing deep in good soil? Or are they starved, parched and wilting in rocky soil, or choked out by weeds (worries, lies, temptations … sins) which are entangling your heart? Or maybe your faith is still a seed being blown around on top of some trampled down dirt and hasn’t yet started growing roots. You need to do the immediate hard work of tilling and fertilizing to provide a place where the seed God planted can begin to sprout. Then you must continually do the work of tilling, feeding and weeding for your faith to grow deeper and stronger. And what is tilling, feeding and weeding as it relates to your heart?

Change for Today:

I will cultivate my soil (heart) today.


Write down some of your own thoughts and questions after reading. Is there a story about the change you made today?

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