There is nowhere better to be in the summer months than Michigan. With an average summer temperature of 73-degrees, over 3200 miles of great lakes shorelines, over 11,000 inland lakes and 19.3 million acres of forest, God sure did an awesome job creating the Great Lakes State. Here’s summer fun (and free) activities to do in Michigan this summer!

  1. Go Rock Hounding: My son became curious about rocks when he was about five years old and got our whole family involved in rock hounding. It’s a relaxing, fun and interesting activity that anyone can do. Of course you have the Petoskey stone to find, but other fun rocks to look for are Puddington stones, the Frankfurt green stone (only found near Frankfurt), Leland blue stone (only found near Leland) and the Yooper rock (a glow in the dark rock discovered in the U.P. in 2017. 
  1. Explore the shores: If you don’t own a kayak or canoe…ask your friends! Someone you know is bound to have one they will let you borrow to explore the abundant lakes and rivers Michigan offers and people get excited to share the experience with others. It is magical and you haven’t truly explored Michigan if you’ve only done it from land. If you live near metro Detroit, Kensington park is great or cruise down the Huron River. Up North is the Ausable or Manistee River…and of course, getting close and personal with the cliffs and Pictured Rocks National Seashore is the must. 

Don’t love the water? Then don’t miss out on the joy of running down a sand dune and the agony of walking back up that same dune. Some of the best dunes in the world are found here in Michigan. 

  • Look up: Almost 20 million acres of forest helps create incredible remote areas without light pollution to look up and explore the night sky. You don’t need a telescope or fancy equipment. A pair of binoculars and a night sky app will open up a whole new world (literally) to you. One of the best activities is to take part in the Astronomy on the Beach event at Island Lake Recreation Area in the fall. Dozens of people set-up their telescopes for anyone to look deeper at the cosmos. Best part, it’s 100% free!
  • Geocache a new spot: The world’s largest treasure hunt is free and fun for the whole family. Discover a new park, area of town or local business by downloading one of the many geocaching apps and looking for some fun and whimsical treasure. I recommend using
  • 1 Day Road Trip: Driving from the Northwest corner of the state, to the Southeast corner of Michigan would take you over 10 hours (and 650 miles) of driving! That’s a lot of driving. Thankfully, there are great things to do within a few hour drive of any location in the Great Lakes State. My recommendation is to choose a direction from your starting point, look at a map and point to a town about one to two hours away, then take the slow road there allowing yourself time to stop of cafe’s, nurseries, antique shops or anything that piques your interest along the way. When you get to your destination, have a late lunch or early dinner, then turn around and take another slow route home. There’s so many cute towns, attractions, and oddities to see. Find some HERE for your next adventure.
About the Author: Eric Rauch
Eric grew up near the Monroe Campus of 2|42 near the Ohio-Michigan border. He attended Eastern Michigan University and spent 10 years as a Civil Engineer managing construction and development projects. In 2009, he went on a mission trip with several other 2|42’ers and shortly thereafter he and his wife Stacy started getting plugged into the ministries at 2|42. After spending a couple years volunteering in kids ministries, Eric took on a part-time role as the Elementary kids director at the Ann Arbor campus and then in 2012 came on the staff team full-time. He currently oversees Ministry Operations for the church. Eric and Stacy have two kids, Skyler and Emery, who they love spending time and seeing God’s creation with. They have a family goal of traveling to all 50 states together before their oldest graduates high school.

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