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This Easter, we will peel back the layers of what Christianity has become and look at the event that changed the world. The Resurrection changed everything! Without it, we wouldn’t have churches or Bibles. Without the Resurrection, our faith doesn’t make sense. Join us this Easter as we celebrate the event that changed the world and gave us the foundation for our faith.

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Doubt: Deconstruction + Jesus

You’re invited to doubt …

If you’re struggling with difficult parts in the Bible or with some of the concepts taught in church—you’re not alone. Doubt is part of faith. You need a healthy place to wrestle with questions about faith, and we want to be that for you. Pat answers and quick fixes won’t work: We want to help you get to the root of your doubts and then, by God’s grace, rebuild something stronger.

Bring your questions and doubts. In this teaching series, we’ll deconstruct—and reconstruct—together.

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Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson

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