Episode 6
7 November 2022

Winning At Home | Inside Out

Our brains and emotions are God-given for a purpose. Let’s explore how He designed us.

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all right well good morning my name is Grant if we've never met before and I don't know how many of how many people
are here because of the time change you would actually normally come to the later service but you're here how many
people are like that a few of you yeah okay that's good that's good we always have this fear that somebody's not going
to change their clock and not come to church and I'm like all that means is they'll be here an hour early so like
good job to the couple of you that did that hey week six of winning at home I just want to like start with a big
question today I want to ask the question what is the authority in your home no matter what your home looks like
what is the authority like when you make big decisions when you decide things that are that are
things of morality things that are right things that are wrong when you when you lean into those Hot Topic issues like
abortion or divorce or when you're thinking through one of the biggest subjects of our time is sexuality or
gender is that biological or a decision like you you have opinions about that kind of stuff and you've made decisions
about those kinds of things but what was the authority that you used to make that
decision like what did you look to all of us have a form of authority that we
look to to make decisions I'm just going to kind of list a few of those some of these this might be you it might be the
pastor the priest or the church most likely if you grew up in church the the church was a source of authority in and
of itself I know around here I think it's totally normal that people would have favorites when it comes to
the preachers and stuff like that right it's totally normal for some of you out here you probably like when I walked out
you're like oh this guy and then there's other people believe it
or not there's other people when they'll come up to me and they'll be like oh I just really love you and then and then it goes a step farther where some people
will say well if you're not there I don't want to be there and that's when people have put
Authority in the place of a pastor or somebody in the church or they've looked to the church as as instead of being a
guide they've started to look to the church as the authority some of you might put the authority as the as a
political party here's a quick way to know if you're one of these people if everything is political
everything that happens in the world is political then you probably look to a
news source or a political party as your Authority I was teaching at another campus a couple weeks ago we're just
talking about winning at home talking about family stuff I get done guy walks up to me I was like that's great it was
great I mean everything you said had huge political ramifications
and I was like no it doesn't most not and most things I say do not
have huge political ramification but anyway if that's you if everything is politics The Authority in your life
might be that the way you were raised I hear people say that all the time well the way I was raised was
and then they'll also tell me something that like how they were raised that's like really bad and I'm like hey just an
idea just a thought maybe the way you were raised is dumb
but a lot of times that's honestly well that's why I was raised so that's the way I do things whether it makes any
sense or not but more than likely you might be the authority in your life
this is probably more than likely what we do and what that means is that you look at life like it's sort of a buffet
and you're like okay I'm gonna I'm gonna take some of this over here I like what that what that author or that influencer
says but I don't like what they say and I'm not into that kind of thing I like this scripture over here but I don't
really understand or like that scripture I like what that church says I don't like what that church says and we just
kind of put things together on our plate and we become the the build it your own way Authority in our life
and some of you might be sitting out there going oh yeah Grant I'm an American
that's what I'm supposed to do like I'm the one in charge of my life and my destiny and what I view is right and
wrong and like I'm the one it's up to me I am the authority in my life and I'm just going to tell
you that's a really bad option and I'll tell you why you're not a good authority in your life because how many times
have you pulled on a door that clearly said push
you might not be the one to be the ultimate Authority
in your life now I know what you're thinking you're thinking well Grant we're in church there's an easy answer to this I know where you're headed can I
leave early what is the authority in my home well the answer is God like God obviously
we're here and that's probably why we're all here is because we have some sense of authority that God is the one that's
in charge and is is the authority in our life but here's the problem big point I want
to make today you can make God
whoever you want him to be Voltaire once said that we create that
God created us in His image and we returned the favor that's what we do we turn God into our
own image we make him who we want him to be and we just we just kind of have this
Build-A-Bear God in the sky and and what's good about this God is he is just sort of super convenient because
he's really the God that I want he's just super convenient like I don't know about you but I want a god
is really really passive when it comes to my sin I want him to look at my sin I don't
want him just totally let it go okay I just want him to look at my sin and be like Grant I probably shouldn't do that
but I love you it's okay just keep going no discipline no rebuke no no
consequences just move on I want God who's super passive on my sin
but on the other hand I want a God that's like kind of hard on other people's sin right I want I don't want them to get
off the hook how dare how dare they just get away scot-free with things
and we have a tendency to just make a god up and and we do this we do this quite a bit
now that's why God comes to his nation of Israel the people when he gave him
the commands he gave him 613 commands he gave him the Big Ten these Big Ten are like you guys got to remember these so
on the Big Ten one of the first commands he gives or one of the big ones is you shall not misuse
some of you might know that as do not use the lord's name in vain right we're normally thinking smack your finger with
a hammer and then you say God's name with an excluded behind it like when we think of God's name in vain that's what
we think of I want to make the point that's not actually what this is talking about don't do that
but that's not what this is talking about this verse is a command to not misquote God
so he says you shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God for the Lord will
not hold anyone Guiltless who misuses his name
God's like listen I it's very important to me that you do not go around saying
things that I never said and yet this is pretty common it's pretty common if you really start
to pay attention especially if you're in a small group and people start to conjecture or you're just talking with
somebody at work they'll be like well you know and every once in a while somebody'll be like I know God feels this way or God thinks that way or Jesus
just really wants that or one of the biggest ways is sometimes people just like rip some random scripture out of
the Bible misquote it and like throw it out there and you're like I don't know
and God gets misquoted all the time and so you've got to ask yourself the
question well how do we make sure that we don't we don't do that if God's our Authority
in our life the one that we look to like how do we figure out who he actually is
I could show you this in a bunch of different places but in first John it says this we
we know that we have come to know him
if we keep his commands
not if we pray not if we sing not if we feel God in our heart
we've come to know him if we obey his commands how do you know commands the
first step in obeying a command is knowing the commands whoever says I know him but does not do
what he commands is a liar and the truth is not in that person
I want to make this point if you don't know scripture
you don't know God if you don't know scripture and not just no scripture but if you don't have like
a holistic understanding of scripture then you you don't know God
you're just kind of making God up to be whatever you want him to be
today if we want to lead our families well if we want to lead anybody if we want to be useful to anybody around us
at all we should be people who know in a in a major way we should know and
understand scripture so that we can actually know who God is and be able to
share them with the world around us and I don't just mean so sort of know God
I don't mean bits and pieces I don't know just scriptures over here that are easy listening
I mean to have the whole thing something we understand this is what we have a tendency to do this is how I think a lot
of times especially Christians this is how we misquote God we take those scriptures that are just man it's the
kind of thing that you like you'll find at Hobby Lobby printed on something and you can hang it on a wall and it makes
you feel good when you read it and it's versus say in First Peter
cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you that's a real verse that's a good verse we should know that verse
man that is so good but it also says in Hebrews chapter 10
26 if we deliberately keep on sinning after coming to a knowledge of the truth
there is no sacrifice for sins left but only a fearful expectation of God's Wrath
that's not the kind of verse you put on a doily but it's just as true and what we have a
tendency to do we have a tendency to do is we have a tendency to go like this to those verses we don't want to look at
them but oh we love these other verses and we kind of pick and choose what we kind of want to highlight and I'm
telling you that is just another version of misusing the name of God and misunderstanding who God is
there are scriptures that we cling to or stories that we love in the Old Testament like David and Goliath man
that's that's good stuff David and Goliath I've heard football coaches use that at halftime right everybody loves
an Underdog Story and because we think the Bible's about us like we're always David and whatever obstacle we're facing
is always Goliath but there's also other stories in David's life that tell us something
about the real nature of who God is just as much God at one point told his people he said
I want you to make a a golden Ark I want you to make a box it's it's going to be where my presence is and you can
transport this thing around but here's the thing because it has my my presence
or it represents my holy presence you must never ever touch this thing with
your hand you can use poles to carry it you can put it in wagons you can transport it
around but you must never ever touch it because this is my holy presence
and then one day they were transporting it and the cart began to stumble and there was a guy named uza
and uza was a good dude and Uzu probably even from a good place
saw the cart stumble and he was like I can't I can't let this this Ark this thing that is so important I can't let
it fall over so he reached out his hand and he went to steady it and he touched the ark
and God struck him dead and in response to that David was filled
with fear and he took the ark and he put it in a town that was far away from him because he didn't even want to be in the
same town with the ark because fear had struck him now that may not be fun story to listen
to Or that may not be the perfect image of who we want our bill to Bear God to be but he is revealing his nature and
who he is to us in those stories and what we learned from that story in particular is When God Says something
he's not just saying it to hear himself talk we should take the word of God very
very seriously we need to be people that understand the
scripture completely and that's where our Authority comes because if we know scripture we know God now
let me tell you why I'm I'm nervous about this or I'm I'm kind of scared about this because I think we're as a
church not just 242 but across the country I think in America the church
we should be in crisis mode because more than ever we are not
viewing things through a Biblical lens we're not going well we know scripture so we know God rather we're kind of like
making it up as we go along kind of some proof of that came this last summer there was a study that was
released that that evaluated all pastors these are pastors these are the leaders these
are the these are the Watchmen on the wall okay this isn't just your normal Christian everyday Christian attender
these are the pastors they were pulled and found out that 62 percent of pastors do not have a
biblical worldview again the preachers and the teachers 62
percent do not have a Biblical worldview and I tried to figure out how they figured out how what a Biblical
worldview is and there were six questions and they were some pretty low-hanging fruit questions like is there absolute truth
if you believe that there's a God then that's it you have to believe there's absolute
truth this was some really easy stuff and yet only a small percentage of us are less than
half of pastors agreed to having a Biblical worldview in fact what got actually scarier after that is they
found out of those 62 percent of pastors they believe in more of a philosophy
that could be described as syncretism which is just the combining of different religions cultures or schools of thought
in other words the Quran a book on psychology and the Gospel of
John all are equal and have equal weight and we just mix it together and turn it into
whatever we want it to be and so pastors and teachers and
therefore congregations all over our country they don't know scripture so they don't
know the one true God now I want to bring this home to our
families and how we're leading our families because this is vitally important it's more important forever or ever than now that you if you have
especially kids in your home but whoever you're leading that you meant you are somebody that has your head on straight
and you know scripture and you know God in the book of Deuteronomy God gives his
commands to his people and he says listen I'm going to give you these commands he's let them out through
the desert he's brought him out of Egypt through the Red Sea he gives them all of these commands
and then he speaks to his people and he gives them a command that they're supposed to remember it's called the
Shema in Deuteronomy chapter six it says this he says hero Israel
the Lord Our God the Lord is one and he says love the Lord your God with
all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength now that's not hard to hear and we look
at that and we go oh man yeah that's so good and I think even in our modern Church culture we would say so how are
you going to do that well we're just you know we're going to love God we're going to worship Him and we're going to like go to church and stuff and we're gonna
like we're gonna just like love God because like God's Great but then he turns in the next verse and
he says here's very specifically how you are supposed to accomplish that
these Commandments that I give you today are to be on your
hearts the commands
and being obedient to those commands that's how you love the Lord your God with all of your heart and all of your
soul and all of your strength is understanding who he is through these commands and being obedient
to them that's what he's called us to do but we have a tendency in our culture in
our world to not take this approach of man everything that God says I want it to be
on my heart we don't really do that in fact when we study scripture usually what we do
is we do a Google search and we Google man having a hard time with anxiety is some scriptures on
anxiety and we find a bunch of scriptures and it isn't bad you know you find a bunch of scriptures on anxiety and you take it
and you're like oh that's super helpful thank you and then we run on our way maybe it's marriage or maybe it's parenting we come very topical because
we have problems and we need God to fix our problems right and so we approach
scripture as though it's about us it's for our immediate like an intellectual
or gratification it's it's a it's a self-help book at best and we come to God with this very low
low expectation when it comes to scripture and then sometimes when we're reading scripture we do the Bible
roulette thing you ever do that you just pull up your Bible and you're like yeah I need to I need to read the Bible so you're like and then you point
to a passage and then you get to that passage and it's just about it's sheep and goats and
yours there's different kinds of diseases and things and you're just like ah well thus
saith the Lord and then you go about your day and we don't find that to be super helpful
and he's not saying that to his people he's like man I want you to I want you to take my word and I want
you to know it I don't want you to just try to like understand the parts that you want to
understand I want to reveal my nature I want to show you who I am I want to
teach you everything about me and so in the next verse
he says impress them on your children talk about them when you sit at home and
when you walk along the road and when you lie down and and when you get up
and if you have if you have kids in your home there's there's both a teaching
here that we're supposed to impress scripture on our children we're supposed to pass this on to them but he also
tells us how we're supposed to do it he's like do it in your everyday way of
life not not just when you like go to church not just when the subject comes up in
other places but in everyday life I know my uh my parents tried to like teach me
stuff they weren't very successful but anyway they tried to teach me some things and one time they tried to do like this devotional thing every morning
and we would sit down and we would we would read a scripture and we read I don't know what version we were reading
it out of but it didn't make any sense to me and then we would talk about we talk about
and it was way too long we had a daily devotional and I hated it and so when I
became a Christian later in life I was like I'm never going to do that to my kids now listen I'm not trying to talk
you out of that if you do devotionals with your kids and that like is a good I'm not trying to talk you out of it but I think what I've found to be more
helpful is that every time I get an opportunity in life I take advantage of that opportunity I
find teachable moments I find moments in their life usually based off of something something we've seen on TV
something one of their friends said some Just moment I'm always looking for that moment one of my favorite moments as a
father over the years has been at the end of the night when it's time for bed and my
kids when they were little or even when they're in high school right they don't want to go to bed but they
know that the only way like that we can stay up is if we talk about something deep
so the phones are away the TVs are off and there's this magical moment where they begin to open up and talk about
deep things just to stay up I'm like that's my favorite time of the day and
we've had some of our best conversations just late at night milking the clock
staying up later and later and later I think he's saying make sure you take
every opportunity you have to teach and impress upon your children the word of
God then he says tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads
write them on the door frames of your houses and on your Gates I don't think we literally need to do this I just
think he's saying man it should be something you remember it should be with you all the time you should know it you
should love it this is the thing that's on your heart you're not going to be able to read the Bible just like once or
twice I hear people do that yeah I read the whole Bible through once I'm like yeah it's not like that you gotta like
internalize this and write it on your heart I've been reading the Bible for like 25 years and I I still go back to
it and need to be reminded and reiterated and find things I haven't found there before
make it a huge part of your life parents I want you to hear this someone
is going to be the lead Theologian in your child's life that's absolutely going to happen I had
my son come home one time and he he told me that one of his friends at school this was one like when he was a
junior in high school he came back and he said yeah my one of my friends told me that there's this there's a bunch of
contradictions in scripture and there's this one passage in the scripture where I guess if if a guy rapes a woman that
he's supposed to marry her and that just sounds kind of dumb and so he came home with this thing that his friend had
obviously like Googled you're not a junior in high school and just know these things right it wasn't like he was
just reading through Deuteronomy he got he came to this passage and he told me about it he was like so what do
we do with that now in that moment if I would have just turned and been like gosh yeah I never heard that before I
don't know hey supper's gonna be on in 30 minutes and then I walk away who just became the lead Theologian in
my child's life a kid at school his idiot friend just became the lead
Theologian in his kid's life there's going to be a lead Theologian in your child's life it ought to be
you it ought to be you and you're sitting here going yeah but I don't I don't like
know it that way and I'm like I know that's the whole point of this message today
figure figure it out it is not as difficult or challenging as
sometimes we lay it up to be some of you have gotten degrees
some of you have devoted your life to learning a craft some of you some of you
are very smart very determined very hard-working people
to understand scripture is actually easy compared to some of the things that
you've done and yet we allow there to be this like spiritual barrier we're like I don't know I don't know I read it I
don't know and I'm telling him especially if you have kids or are going to have kids in
your home but anybody in your life if you if you don't know scripture you don't know God and you cannot trust pastors
and you cannot trust politicians that goes without saying and you can't trust
what other people say about scripture you can't you have to know the actual
one true Living God by knowing his word pick on fathers here for a second Ephesians chapter 6 verse 4 it says
fathers that specifically addressed the fathers I think I think mothers can also have a take away from this
but it says fathers do not exasperate your children I know that I'm really good at
exasperating my children I do this all the time I think one of the ways that I'm I exasperate them is basically if I
see them doing something to one of their siblings that their siblings doesn't like and they don't stop I do it to them
so if you're going to shoot your sibling with an airsoft gun guess who's getting shot with an airsoft gun
it's just being a good fight I didn't say I'm not a good father I'm telling you I'm a great father okay
but anyway we exasperate our kids in all kinds of different ways but the lead way in which we exasperate our children is
we don't teach them anything says fathers do not exasperate your children instead bring them up in the
training and instruction of the Lord this is a this is a command this is you
you can't Outsource this we as a church we have kids and students Ministry man because we love that we think it's so
important and we want to be a help we want to be an assistance but you can't
Outsource your child's theological education or their understanding of who God is you can't imprint that stuff on
their hearts by Outsourcing it to a church it just doesn't work like that we are here to assist you to help you
but it's you it's on you he says so don't exasperate them don't teach them
nothing bring them up in the instruction of the Lord Proverbs 22 6 says start children off in
the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it we probably heard that passage
before and we're all teaching our kids something if if you're teaching your kids to work
hard and be nice to people and go to church probably eventually when they're
older they will return to that and they will work hard and they'll be nice to people and they'll go to church
but that's not what you want I don't want my kids to work hard and be nice to people and go to church I want
them to know God I want them to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and the
only way for them to know God is if they know scripture and so as I teach them and train them
I'm not trying to give them a few principles so they don't embarrass me or so that so
that I can brag about them I'm trying to teach them how to actually know God so that when they're older they'll they'll
return to it I want to give you some stuff today because many of you are many of you are in a
place where you're just like I don't know Grant I don't know I don't know if I can like do that it
seems like every time I read scripture it's not there I I'm not getting the
full picture and so you have become dependent on people like me to tell you what it says
and I got to tell you I I've said this many times before it would be so easy to start a cult
it really would in fact dare me and I will start a cult because people are so dependent on other
people and man you just threw a scripture in the right kind of order and you thrown in somebody's lap
and all of a sudden they're like wow you just become the authority in my life I'm telling you it becomes is something
that you cannot be dependent on anybody else for you have to do it I I want to put on here just how to get started in
this number one just decide that theology matters decide that it matters
again some of you decided that your your health matters so you go to the gym and you eat nuts and berries and you're
going to die like the rest of us but it's important to you and it probably should be important to
the rest of us you decided that your education mattered you decided that your job matter you
decided that you wanted to make a bunch of money some of you made a bunch of money you decided certain things in your life matter and the only difference is
somewhere along the lines you didn't decide the theology actually mattered and so when you open scripture you don't
you don't feel like you get it I kind of compare it like this if you were to decide today
that you wanted to be an architect you know like I'm sick of my job I want to be an architect and then you spent
the weekend researching architecture like really studying hard
could you start applying for jobs on Monday no that's not how that works it's
something you have to devote your life to you have to decide that this is something that matters and really at the
end of the day one of the reasons that most of people who call themselves Christians are biblically ignorant is
because they haven't decided that this actually matters another one is a read a book I'm just
want to get really practical here read a book from beginning to end I'm talking about scripture the Bible isn't
something you start with at the beginning and read all the way to the end you will find that very defeating I've never actually done that I've been
reading the Bible for a long time I've never read the Bible from cover to cover because when you think of the Bible you should
think of it more like a library it is it is a collection of 66 different
books written by different authors you should look at it as a library you wouldn't go to a library and go like all
right let's start in the a section we'll move to Z you wouldn't think that you would you would find it you would take a
book off the shelf you would read it and you put it back when you read the Bible I wouldn't even I don't even encourage people to use a reading plan
I think the best way to read the Bible is to take A Book Like The Book of Matthew
read the book of Matthew from Matthew chapter 1 read a chapter read a couple chapters a day read it all the way
through to the very end put that back book back up and then go find another one go to the Book of James
and I would probably add I would encourage you to do this start in the New Testament because
that's the the Covenant that we live under we don't live in the Old Testament we live in the New Testament so I would
start in the New Testament and get a good handle on that and I would move through books of the Bible every single
day until you have read all of scripture
another one is lean into the challenging Parts I just this happens so often I I understand why people don't get much out
of scripture when they read it because they come to these challenging parts and they're like I don't get at
and then they just keep going like that's those moments are the big moments
when you don't get it or especially when it seems kind of challenging or it's like I don't not only do I not get it
but I don't like it very much those are the moments where a living God is sitting right there wanting to reveal
his nature to you and he was like could you just could you just lean in enough to try to figure it out
and so find out what the rest of scripture says about that subject or about that verse or whatever it looks
like and then finally it's a lifelong journey it's not something you just kind of get
immediately I just want to tell you I am living proof that scripture is something that is available the good good
understanding of God and scripture is available to anybody who would just simply want it
when I was in high school I dropped out I tried my sophomore year twice I tried to gr I tried to do it made it through
football season both years and then I dropped out and it wasn't because I was so smart it was time to move on
it was because I was so behind that I literally couldn't keep my grades up to stay in school so I dropped out of high
school I wasn't good at the being book smart and so later put my faith in Jesus
follow start to follow him now I'm picking up the Bible and I'm just reading the Bible and I
tell you within six months not knowing anything about scripture at all
within six months I was reading scripture and I had a pretty good handle on it without about a year a year and a
half I got to this level when somebody would say something that wasn't in the Bible because people do
that all the time you know you know this verse Bobby and they would say that within a year
and a half of reading the Bible I'd be like no that's not in there and they'll be like yeah well sure it is
the Bible's a big book it's in there I'm like no it's not that is absolutely not in there and in fact it kind of counters
a lot of other things that I found in there I'm telling you it comes down to just
being devoted to it it doesn't have anything to do with whether you've been to Seminary or Bible College or any of
that kind of stuff what it comes down to is how much do you actually care and God is waiting for people that care enough
take his word and write it on their hearts let me pray for you
father God I pray I pray that we would be people
who seek you not people that
that create you or content with what they know of you but people are actively looking to know who you are to discover
you and God as we do that I pray that you would reveal yourself to us and as we start to live out the commands
and teachings that you've given us in scripture Lord that we would be able to be hope and light to our families
and to the people around us God help our lives to be built on something that matters and God your word
matters and I pray that in Christ's name

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