Share Your Story

Stories have the power to make others feel seen.

No one has a story like yours! But when you share your story, other people get to be encouraged by what God is capable of doing in their own lives. God is working in your life, and we want to hear about it. Fill out the form below. Use these prompts to help craft your story:

✓ What did your life look like before following Jesus? What’s different now?
✓ How has God used others to help you take a next step?
✓ Describe a time God answered a specific prayer.
✓ How has being generous brought you closer to God?

Next Steps

Next Steps

You’ll hear “next steps” used a lot around here, and what we mean is that everyone has their own, individual next step to take. We’re here to help!


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Join a Group

Getting connected in a group is one of the most important things you can do in your journey with God.

Join a Team

2|42 needs teams to function, and we think that everyone has a spot to fill in God’s work in the Church.