2|42 Kids is an interactive experience that helps kids take next steps with God. Kids learn through the use of fun object lessons, engaging skits, up-beat music, video and small group interaction. Our committed leaders and volunteers teach spiritual truths kids can use in their daily lives. Our goal is for kids to experience God in the following ways.

First time? Here’s what to expect:
Check In

From your child’s first visit, we will collect some basic information to get to know your child, and enter them into our system. From then on, each time you check-in, both you and your child will receive a security sticker with a matching 4-digit code, valid only for that day. We ask that both you and your child wear this sticker visibly on clothing, until you leave. (We also offer additional stickers to label diaper bags, personal items, etc.) When dropping your child off, you will have the opportunity to share any information with one of our leaders that will help in caring for your child; such as feeding and sleeping times. If you’ll soon be visiting us for the first time, please plan on visiting our New Family kiosks about 10-15 minutes before service starts.

Enjoy The Service

After dropping your child off, relax and enjoy the service! Our teams serve to ensure your child(ren) are well taken care of, and have a great experience while in our care. However, if you are needed, we will display your 4-digit code on the monitors in service to alert you. Please be attentive to the screens throughout the service; and if your number is displayed, head to the 2|42 Kids area to speak with a leader.


Pick-up is a breeze. First, you will be asked to show your security sticker to your child’s room leader and they will then match the number on your child’s sticker to the number on your sticker, prior to releasing them. If you happen to misplace your security sticker during service, proper identification will be required for release in order to match you and your child in our system. That’s it! Getting your little ones to 2|42 Kids is simple, and efficient. We hope to see you and your children this weekend for worship.

Safe And Secure

We do extensive background checks on our volunteers and have a thorough registration system to ensure that your children are safe and cared for. Volunteers experience procedure/policy training, receive consistent feedback and are encouraged through gospel-centered teaching. If you have a child with a disability or special needs, please visit our One to One section below for more information.

Grades and Service Times


Sarah Wilson | Pre-elementary Director


Lizzie Nagy | Pre-elementary Coordinator


Kylee Claeys | Elementary Director


Pamela Dickenson | Ann Arbor Kids Lead


Pre-elementary: Newborns – Kindergarten
Elementary: 1st – 4th grades

Times: Saturday @ 5:00pm
Sunday @ 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am & 12:30pm


Partnering with families

One to One is our inclusion ministry to children with disabilities or special needs. Our team serves to come alongside these families and support our special-needs children so that they can enjoy our Pre-elementary environment with the rest of the group. Your child’s Buddy will stay with them throughout the entire service. They will help ensure their experience is enjoyable and will serve to help your child overcome any challenges to enjoying their time with the rest of the kids.

One to One exists to cultivate an environment of respect, love, purpose and strong biblical foundation for ALL children. We believe that every child bears the image of God, and is infinitely valued and given purpose by Him. One to One is dedicated to helping children with special needs step into their fullest potential and their role in the Body of Christ.

Please complete the Intake Form below to have your child paired up with a buddy in our One to One Ministry.

Download the One to One Intake form here.

Our 2|42 Kids Ministries are always growing with lots of little new additions; which means our volunteering teams are constantly growing too! There are several opportunities to get involved. Of course, we think serving in 2|42 Kids is the best serving role in all the church! We’d love to have you as part of the team too.

Here’s how to get involved:

Contact: Get in touch with the Director for the age group you are interested in test driving.

Application: Complete a 2|42 Kids volunteering application provided by Director

Training: Your Director will provide you with in the classroom training and a 2|42 Kids training class.

Serve: Join the team, and start serving the next generation!


Kids celebrate together in a high-energy, God-centered worship experience designed to engage your children. Our worship leaders encourage the kids to dance and sing to age specific worship songs. 2|42 Kids storytellers use exciting object lessons and fun skits to share God’s word. We invite parents to sit in a service to watch what 2|42 Kids is all about!


Children connect each week in a small group environment by their age. Each week they build upon the lesson through discussion and are encouraged to apply what they have learned into their lives.


Kids have opportunities to reach out to their communities by showing God’s love in practical ways.  We offer kid friendly service opportunities and encourage them to meet the needs of those around them.