Walk Thru the Bible

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A lot of us are confused about the Old Testament – what it says, what it means, how to apply it to daily life. Some of us wonder if it is even relevant. Others are overwhelmed by it and don’t know how to read it. A lot of times, we start reading with good intentions, but we quit before making it all the way through the Old Testament. 


But…what if there was an event that could actually inspire people to read the Bible? What if there was an event that made the Old Testament come alive in a fun, clear, and memorable way? 


Through this course, certified instructor and teaching pastor, Keith Brown will lead us through a fun and exciting event that presents the big picture of the Old Testament. You will learn the major events and people of the Bible and understand its storyline. 

Additional Info

$15 per person

$25 per couple


Feb 23 | 6-8:30pm


Feb 29 | 9 – 11:30am






March 8 | 6pm – 8:30pm


March 1 | 4:30 – 7pm


March 21 | 9am – 11:30am