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Posted On 11/24/2020

The church won’t stop due to COVID-19

Here are three reasons why.

With cases on the rise, we have more restrictions due to COVID-19. We’re back to just takeout restaurants, watching movies from home, and more and more students are going to school online. But what about the Church? The Church won’t miss a beat. Whether we are in person or online, the church doesn’t stop in a pandemic. Here are three reasons why.

1. The church is a movement, not a location

Missions: Church is a movement, not a location.

Jesus did not commission His Church by saying…

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore gather together once a week …”

No! Jesus sent his disciples on a mission to save the world.

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations …”

Matthew 28:18-19

Our weekend gatherings are incredibly encouraging and a great tool to connect with people looking for God, but the movement doesn’t depend on it. In fact, this is a really good time for us all to contemplate how we are really spreading the gospel, aside from attending and inviting others to attend our church on the weekend.

2. God invented the internet

Phone: God invented the Internet

So you probably just rolled your eyes, but hear me out. Let me give you two technological wonders that spread the gospel in exponential ways:

  • The ancient Roman roads. The Romans had developed the most sophisticated and advanced travel routes the world had ever seen. Now, the Romans built these roads for military reinforcement, but one day a determined new follower of Christ named Paul started traveling all over the Roman world spreading the gospel in every city, town, and village along the way.

    The church was dramatically changed forever.

  • The printing press. Before the invention of the printing press, the only way to duplicate a document or book was to copy it by hand. But in 1455 everything changed. The printing press made the Bible available to everyone. People could read and understand the message of Christ for themselves and missionaries could now easily transport the entire story of God in one single-bound book.

    The church was dramatically changed forever.

Today I can start a live video on my phone and explain the gospel to someone on the other side of the world instantaneously. Is it a coincidence that the internet has reached groundbreaking new levels just as the world is forced into a pandemic?

Make no mistake, we are experiencing a dramatic shift. Christians are being forced to use this technology (I believe invented by God) to advance the gospel.

The church will be dramatically changed forever.

Find out now! Watch a quick five part video series

3. People are seeking God now more than ever

Prayer: people are seeking God

The pandemic creates uncertainty and uncertainty creates fear. When people are afraid, they turn to God. It’s just that simple. God doesn’t want it this way, but no one humbles themself and seeks their creator when everything is good.

People are looking for God. The people you know are looking for hope. These are the same people you may have been praying for. No, maybe you can’t just invite them to church with the hope that they will be there on a week when the message speaks to them. It’s ok to go deeper than that.

Are you willing to let God to work through you? There are lots of ways to do it, even during COVID-19 restrictions. Maybe it’s one on one, maybe through text messaging, by praying for others, or maybe by hosting a watch party. Are you willing to share your story with others? If 2|42 has helped you take a next step with God, please tell us!

This is what it’s all about: one person telling another person about Jesus. A pandemic can’t stop that. In fact, I think Jesus said not even the very gates of hell can stop that.

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