Whether you’re looking to be coached or to become a coach, you’re in the right spot. We believe that coaching relationships are essential to taking next steps with God.



What is coaching?
One person intentionally investing in another to help them take next steps with God. Another term for this is simply individual discipleship.

I want to be coached, how do I do that?
Identify someone who’s faith you admire and ask them to coach you as you continue to take your next steps with God. 

If you don’t have anyone to ask, your next step is to join a Small Group or Team at 2|42. While those aren’t the only possible places for you to discover a coach, they are the best places to start.

Are coaches trained or licensed?
No. This is not professional coaching, but relational obedience to what Jesus said in Matthew 28:18-20.While we provide resources and training to help people grow in coaching others, the only “licensing” coaches have is that they are following Jesus and continuing to take their own next steps in their journey with God. 

We do require coaches to meet leadership expectations (link) including being baptized, in a small group and giving to the local church.

What kind of coaching is available?
Discipleship. The goal of coaching is helping people take next steps with God. We do not provide professional life coaching and we won’t improve your jump shot. We hope to help you follow Jesus a little bit better. 

Are my coaching conversations confidential?

Is there a cost for coaching?
Financially? Nope! None! BUT it will cost you your time, attention and intentionality which we know are not cheap commodities!

How long is a coaching relationship?
You and your coach can decide. It could last for a few meetings, a few months, or a few years. The goal is not to simply “check the box” for how many times you meet together, but for you to take your next step and eventually coach others to do the same.

Do I need to be coached first in order to be a coach?
It sure helps. 

The only qualifications to coach someone is to be actively following Jesus and be at least a step ahead of the person you are coaching. However, if you have never had someone coach you, we would definitely recommend you start there. It’s hard to help others take next steps if you haven’t experienced it or seen it modeled. It’s not necessary for you to always be in a relationship where you are coached and coaching, but it is important to understand the perspective of being coached in order to coach someone else. 

How often do we meet?
You decide. We recommend that you meet at least monthly, but we understand that some ‘next steps’ require more frequent meetings. We don’t recommend coaching relationships happen more frequent than weekly unless it’s a unique situation. 

Describe briefly what people “do” in a coaching relationship?
Depending on the what step you’re trying to take – this could look like:

▪️Regular discussions about some changes you’re trying to make in your life to follow Jesus more closely.

▪️Reading the Bible together and talking about what God is showing you.

▪️Asking the questions you have about faith and discovering answers together.

▪️Serving in the community together on a regular basis.

▪️Showing up early to small group to check-in on accountability.

▪️Grabbing lunch after a Sunday service to talk about what you just experienced.

How do I become a coach?
As you continue to take your own next steps with God do these 3 things:

▪️Faithfully engage with your Small Group and serve on a Team at 2|42.

▪️Pray for God to reveal a person He is calling you to coach.

▪️Prayerfully consider if someone specifically asks you be their coach.