Connect With God in 5 Minutes

July 18, 2013 by Grant Agler

shutterstock_107344847Most of us assume that a connection with God would be a major time consumer. Going to church, reading the Bible and feeding people at the homeless shelter are just a few things that jump into our head. So, unfortunately  we end up saying to ourself, “I will connect with God when I have more time.”

Surprising Truth:

God works in moments!

Life changing profound moments. God’s will in your life is like the pressure created by the water behind the Hoover Dam. One small breach and you are looking at an unstoppable flood. So, give him five minutes and do these three simple things:

5 Minute Connection

  1. Find a private spot. (Shut your office door, go outside or get in your car.)
  2. Say these simple words sincerely to God-  “I believe in you, help me with my unbelief”  (See Mark 9:23-24)
  3. Look for God to begin working behind the scenes in your life. 

That’s it! God does incredible things throughout the Bible with just a moment of sincere faith. He will take the burden of your life on his shoulders with just a little bit of belief.