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Posted On 05/20/2015

Daily Missionary Practices

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>>Pray for…

Purpose | Jesus is the focal point of life & mission, he is the template for how we are to live. Read, re-read and reorient your life around the Gospels.

  • Read Luke 9|23-24
  • Daily Tip | Start your day, end your day and fill your day with prayer.
  • Daily Question | How am I falling more in love with Jesus?

Presence | See life through the lens of sent-ness, you are on mission, an agent of God’s Kingdom. Find mission right here right now, identify your calling & the people group whom you’re called to.

  • Read John 17|15-18
  • Daily Tip | See yourself as a conduit of God’s blessing and love.
  • Daily Question | To whom have I been sent? Who is my people group? (must be able to answer this with specifics)

Proximity | This is the incarnation of God’s truth in your context. Make the word flesh, live your message, think stay-ness. Commit to stay & grow deep roots and make God’s Kingdom on earth.

  • Read 1 Cor 9|19-23
  • Daily Tip | Be a cultural student of your people group.
  • Daily Question | Where am I called to stay and make the Kingdom known? (think places: home (neighborhood), & third places)

>>Partner with…

Prevenience | This is the idea of partnering with God’s preceding grace. It’s daring to believe God is present and reigns even in darkness (hence your light). Give voice to ways people have encountered a God they don’t yet know. Foster a spirituality of engagement not retreat.

  • Read Acts 17|23
  • Daily Tip | Give voice to the God that people experience but don’t understand.
  • Daily Question | Where is God already at work and how can I join Him?

Practitioner | Partnering with a fellow practitioner of mission, recognizing that the undergirding of Kingdom work is covenant relationships. The apostles worked in teams, Jesus sent 2×2, and so mission isn’t a solo-endeavor. To sustain incarnational mission we need comrades and apprentices to reproduce.

  • Read Luke 10|1, Matthew 18|18-20, 2 Timothy 2|2-3
  • Daily Tip | Pray for those you are partnering with.
  • Daily Question | Who are my comrades I’m committed to be on mission with? Who is my apprentice that I’m developing?

People of Peace | Focus your time on POP’s (non-Christians you’re friends with). Evangelism and incarnational-mission should be life-giving not draining. So start by praying for and discerning the POP in your life. Recognize God already has you in relationship with people he is wooing back to himself.

  • Read Luke 10|5-9
  • Daily Tip | Shop and eat in the same place and look for divine interruptions.
  • Daily Question | Who are my family, friends & neighbors (my POP’s) that need to know about the Kingdom?

>>Participate through…

Power | Recognized the power that comes from a Gospeled life. Seek holiness, not a holiness that withdraws from culture, but like salt, a holiness that engages and adds to. Let what is different about your life shine before others.

  • Read 1 Tim 4|8-16
  • Daily Tip | Let what is different about your life as a follower be attractive.
  • Daily Question | What areas of my life do I need to become more disciplined in? (relationally, physically, mentally, spiritually)

Powerlessness | This is about embodying the humility the incarnate Jesus did. Don’t come as the spiritual expert and don’t assume you know what’s best. First listen & serve your people group.

  • Read Philippians 2|5-8
  • Daily Tip | Listen.
  • Daily Question | Why did Jesus wait 30 years to start his ministry? (let that question wash over you, meditate on it for a while…30 years)

Passion | Incarnate your heart. Pray for compassion, and the strength to be steadfastness in truth, obedient even in persecution, willingness to achieve through redemptive suffering. Live in such a way that if you moved away your neighborhood would grieve.

  • Read Matthew 5|10, Matthew 5|38-48
  • Daily Tip | Make dangerous promises to better the world around you.
  • Daily Question | What am I willing to risk for the sake of Christ? What is the cost of being a disciple of Jesus?

Proclamation | Speak the truth after you’ve earned the right through modeling it. In your mission context, affirm where you can and offer a better way where you can’t. Proclamation is never witness void of relationship and service.

  • Read Luke 9|2, 1 Thessalonians 2|7-8
  • Daily Tip | Speak a grace-filled love that points people to change (Jesus).
  • Daily Question | What is the Good News for those whom I’m sent to?

Wanting to read more about each of these practices and why they’re important? Click HERE.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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