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Posted On 08/15/2018

David Reading Plan – Week 2

Week 2

Welcome back to the David reading plan. We will send you a notification once a week that contains a week of scheduled reading. This week are finally introduced to the David. Notice David’s faith even when he has no idea what God is up to.

Day 8

Reading: 1 Samuel 15
Major Moment: Saul is rejected as king by God because of his disobedience.
Reading: 1 Samuel 16
Major Moment: Samuel anoints David as the future king of Israel.

Day 9

Reading: 1 Samuel 17
Major Moment: David defeats Goliath the Philistine.
Reading: 1 Samuel 18
Major Moment: David and Jonathan become friends, but Saul fears David’s influence over the Israelites.

Day 10

Reading: 1 Samuel 19
Major Moment: Saul attempts to kill David, and Michal helps him escape.
Reading: 1 Samuel 20
Major Moment: Jonathan makes a covenant with David.

Day 11

Reading: 1 Samuel 21 Major
Moment: David lies to the priests at Nob.
Reading: 1 Samuel 22
Major Moment: David leaves Nob, and Saul kills the priests there.

Day 12

Reading: 1 Samuel 23
Major Moment: Saul continues his pursuit of David.
Reading: 1 Samuel 24
Major Moment: Saul is delivered into David’s hands, but David spares Saul’s life.

Day 13

Reading: 1 Samuel 25
Major Moment: Samuel dies. Nabal betrays David, but Abigail pleads with David.
Reading: 1 Samuel 26
Major Moment: David spares Saul for a second time.

Day 14

Reading: 1 Samuel 27
Major Moment: David hides from Saul among the Philistines.
Reading: 1 Samuel 28
Major Moment: Saul consults a medium when he finds no answer from God.

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