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Posted On 08/15/2018

David Reading Plan – Week 3

Week 3

Welcome back to the David reading plan. We start the week with David in serious crisis, he finally becomes king and then makes the worst mistake of his life.

Day 15

Reading: 1 Samuel 29
Major Moment: The Philistines send David away.
Reading: 1 Samuel 30
Major Moment: David attacks the Amalekites for destroying and plundering Ziklag.

Day 16

Reading: 1 Samuel 31
Major Moment: Saul takes his own life.
Reading: 2 Samuel 1
Major Moment: David mourns the deaths of Saul and Jonathan.

Day 17

Reading: 2 Samuel 2
Major Moment: David is anointed king of Judah, but Saul’s descendants reject him and raise up their own king.
Reading: 2 Samuel 3
Major Moment: Abner betrays Saul’s son Ish-Bosheth by supporting David, but is murdered by Joab.

Day 18

Reading: 2 Samuel 4
Major Moment: Ish-Bosheth is murdered by David’s men at Hebron.
Reading: 2 Samuel 5
Major Moment: David becomes king of Israel, establishes himself in Jerusalem and defeats the Philistines.

Day 19

Reading: 2 Samuel 6
Major Moment: As the ark of the covenant is brought back to Jerusalem, Uzzah touches it and is killed instantly.
Reading: 2 Samuel 7
Major Moment: The Lord comes to Nathan, the prophet, with a message for David. David responds in prayer.

Day 20

Reading: 2 Samuel 8
Major Moment: David’s victories are reported.
Reading: 2 Samuel 9
Major Moment: David brings Mephibosheth into his care.

Day 21

Reading: 2 Samuel 10
Major Moment: The Ammonites humiliate David’s envoys, so he attacks and defeats them.
Reading: 2 Samuel 11
Major Moment: David lusts after Bathsheba, sleeps with her and kills her husband.

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