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July 28 - August 1
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MIX is a 4-day summer event built for middle school brains, hearts, and bodies. That’s why the Gospel is taught in a way they understand. It’s why small group discussions aren’t an afterthought. And it’s why we play a lot. Moments at MIX change lives and could be the most important four days of your youth ministry calendar.

This year, we’ll be heading to Hope College in Holland, Michigan July 28 – August 1

If you’d like to contribute to our camp scholarship fund, please donate using the link below.


Hope College

Holland, MI


Through 3/31/2024    $389
Through 5/26/2024    $419
Through 6/26/2023    $459



Our leaders attending camp with us are the same volunteers who lead and serve at 2|42 STUDENTS every weekend. They are all background checked and go through extensive training within 2|42 STUDENTS in order to be qualified to lead students well.

We promote safety by carefully background checking every leader who serves in our ministry. We also have very specific guardrails in place that leaders are aware of and are expected to follow such as never being alone with a student. Additionally, CIY hires local police officers to provide additional security at the camp.


In order to keep the cost of camp down we will not be providing transportation to and from CIY MIX. Check-in will be done at Hope College on the afternoon of July 28th & Pick-Up will be done at Hope College on the morning of August 1. Location and specific times will be given to Parents & Guardians as we are given that information closer to camp. If you need help with transportation please contact your Campus’ Students Pastor for assistance.


The day-to-day schedule includes 3 meals, 2 large group sessions including worship, teaching, and there are 2 small group sessions. Every student is placed in a small group with 8-12 other students of the same grade and gender, and the groups are led by one or more of our trusted Small Group Leaders. This is their group for the entire week. The schedule also consists of structured activities for students to participate in with their small group, along with some free time where students can use the camp facilities and build relationships with their small group.


We enforce a very strict ratio of at least 1 Leader for every 7 students.

Sleeping arrangements consist of students having 1-2 roommates who are students from their small group, which means they are always the same grade and gender. Leaders are always 1-2 rooms away, but they never share rooms with students.

Each year, 2|42 STUDENTS takes more than 400 students to CIY, along with dozens of Staff Members and Small Group Leaders.

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