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Posted On 11/15/2013

Faith and the Holy Hand Grenade

The following reading from the “Book of Armaments” in Monty Python and the Holy Grail is what “faith” used to be for me. If you have been to church before, watch this and tell me you haven’t felt this way sitting in the pew.

And the Lord did grin, and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals and fruit bats and large chunks of oatmeal and bananas and raisins and koalas and blueberries…

Is this Faith?

Yep, that was my Bible reading experience. My church experience.  A guy talking about a bunch of stuff that didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Even if I understood it, I wasn’t quite sure why we were taking it so seriously. It wasn’t practical, helpful or particularly interesting, but man, there were a lot of people that thought it was really, really important. I just quietly nodded my head and played along.
Is that what faith is? Quoting from a book of nonsense? Following rules given by the “holy” people who wander about in robes and peculiar head wear?
Everything we do at Life Bridge is to avoid anyone experiencing the “holy hand grenade” experience. If it doesn’t make sense … if it doesn’t change your life… if it’s not at least interesting … then why on earth would we want you to endure it? Why would the creator of the heaven ask you to participate in it?


Join us as we continue our series Jump to answer the most basic question, “What is faith?”  We promise not quote from the Book of Armaments. It will be simple,practical and life changing.
Get caught up by checking out last weeks message: “Jump – Why does God require faith?”

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Grant is our resident farmboy. He grew up in the cornfields of northwest Nebraska. He spent his early days living far from God. As Grant says, "I gave God the middle finger and didn't really care about faith at all." As a young man, he became convinced that God was real. He gave his life to Jesus and experienced God's amazing grace that previously made no sense to him. After experiencing that grace, Grant felt God calling him to teach the message of the gospel. Over the past 20 years, he has been preaching and teaching. Grant, his wife, Bethany, and their four children moved to Michigan in 2011, and he joined the 2|42 team in 2019. Grant is always good for a laugh, but more importantly, he explains biblical concepts in ways anyone can understand.
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