Say it with me – I am enough.

Ok – wait, but are you though? Am I though?

Am I enough – is a question that haunts a lot of us. It speaks to superficial things – like am I funny enough, am I tall enough, am I skinny enough – then it can slide a little deeper – am I a good enough mom, am I enough for my spouse, am I a good enough employee or employer?

It’s a gnawing question that gets to the heart of how we see ourselves, our self-esteem, and motivation.

So – I have a question for you. Are you enough? Am I enough?

No…and Yes.

No, we are not enough. We are broken, fallen humans in a broken and fallen world and we will mess up. We will fall short. We will miss the mark–in our relationships with others and with God. That’s part of the human condition. 

This may seem like bad news but the moment we get to the end of ourselves and realize we aren’t enough and that we can’t do it all is actually a beautiful moment. Because that makes way for surrender–it makes way for us to lift our hands to God and say, “I can’t do this. I need you.” 

There was a restructuring at work and the new lead of the organization sat my supervisor and me down and drew a new org chart on the whiteboard in his office. In his new org chart, my role didn’t exist. When we left the meeting, I was really confused. I asked my supervisor, “Wait, am I fired?” He wasn’t sure either, but he had heard all the same things I just did.

I decided to go for a walk and listen to my internal dialogue and listen to what God could be saying and doing in that moment. There was a pond nearby, and as I walked around it, I lamented to God all the things I had hoped to do in my role and my excitement for the future. Then a gentle whisper tore through my thoughts: “I don’t need you. I love you and I invite you to what I am doing but the things you have in your heart can still all happen without you here. I’m inviting you on a different journey. Take my hand. Me–a Sovereign God is writing your story. Trust me.”

I went for that walk fully expecting to get mad and maybe even cry but as that truth sunk into my soul, the overwhelming feeling I had was relief. There was this exhale from a deep place that realized it didn’t depend on me, that I didn’t need to carry the weight of being enough. I don’t need to be enough because God is. I don’t have to have it all together because I’m not God. I get to partner with Him in what He’s doing–in my relationships, at my job, in my family–but I am not at the center of that story. It doesn’t all depend on me–thank God! 

I have good news for you: YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH and you don’t have to be. 

We are in a narrative we are not at the center of, and when we get deluded into thinking that we are, we carry all sorts of things and feel all sorts of pressure that isn’t from God. 

So here’s what’s true: GOD IS ENOUGH. 

In Him, I find everything I need to walk into the spaces He’s called me to. I love how David says it in Psalm 18:29b, “With my God, I can scale a wall.” Have you ever felt like that? So full of God’s presence and power that you know you can do anything? That’s what we have access to if we are followers of Jesus. God’s Spirit, His power–Romans 8:10-11 points out that the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, so he gives life to our mortal bodies.

How to get around not being enough is to step into all we are in Jesus. And right there is an epic journey–an extraordinary life. 

Go scale a wall! With God, you’ve got this.

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About the Author: Mutheu Esilaba
Mutheu has loved Jesus since she was a little girl. Born and raised in a Christian family in Nairobi, Kenya, she felt a call to ministry as a teen and worked with students for many years. Mutheu has a deep passion for people to know God and see the world through God's heart for it. Mutheu holds a Master's Degree in Christian Educational Studies from Africa International University and has been ministering to students for 24 years. Mutheu and her husband, Albo, (our Ann Arbor Campus Pastor) have three boys. Mutheu, her husband, and three boys have been at 2|42 since 2019.

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