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Posted On 03/28/2014

Am I going to heaven?

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There are moments where you just want people to quit beating around the bush and give it to you straight. Don’t hint at it. Don’t break it to me gently. Just lay it on me.
The whole reason you go to church may be because you want a clear answer to this question.
           Am I going to heaven? 
The answer to this question should never be “Maybe”  or  “I hope so.”  God doesn’t want you to spend your life guessing. He wants you to have absolute confidence in your answer. The book of 1 John was written for this specific purpose. Near the end of the letter John explains exactly why he wrote the whole book

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. 1 John 5:13

You may view getting into heaven as a crapshoot. The inner dialogue you have with yourself may be something like this:

I have done a few “bad” things. But they aren’t as bad as other people
I do fill guilty sometimes. But at other times I feel really good about myself.
The good things I do are going to make up for the times I make mistakes. Right?
I am pretty sure I am going to heaven.

Again, let me assure you this is not the kind of back and forth God wants you to struggle with. That would be cruel. To spend your whole life managing guilt, doubt and fear, is not God’s plan. He wants you to know that you have eternal life. Really, what else matters. Most of the time we are more worried about and sure about our Roth IRA then we are eternity.

Many christians, Behind the Stained Glass, have answered this question very differently. Chances are those answers, whether right or wrong, have shaped your perception. To be plain, christian teachers have gotten the answer to the most fundamental question wrong. This Sunday we give you the straight dope.

  • Is Judgement Day a real thing? Am I ready for it?
  • Is there some kind of checklist so I can know for sure?
  • I have made a lot of mistakes, can I still get in?
  • I was baptized at a church, does that mean no matter what I do I am good?

If you are even a little unclear on some of the answers to these questions, make church this weekend a big priority. This Sunday, March 30, we want you to be able to walk out, not only knowing, but excited about eternal life. Hopefully, even looking forward to it!

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