Join us downtown Bay City

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of coffee or hot cocoa on a cold day. Come discover downtown Bay City for some of the best coffee roasters in central Michigan. We have Populace, Live Oak, and Harless and Hugh all within a ten min walk of each other. 

Take a scroll through Dow Garden

Take a scroll through the stunning 110 acre Dow Garden. As you and your family take a moment to view the beautiful woods, you’ll see the animals that call this place their home, too! If you plan on visiting close to Christmas, you can watch the annual Christmas tree lightning that is sure to take your breath away. 

Marshall Fredrick Sculpture 

If you have an artistic eye, the Marshall Fredrick Douglas Art Sculpture Exhibit is an absolute essential. Located right within Saginaw’s very own Saginaw Valley, you can take a stroll to see the hidden gem and some beautiful sculptures. 

Bronnner’s Christmas Central

Welcome to the Christmas wonderland of central Michigan, located at the shopping district of Frankenmuth. Here you will find over seven acres of all things Christmas. Take a journey to yesteryear through the beautiful city of Frankenmuth. 

Frankenmuth has a lot to offer, and you’ll feel the cheer right away! Another great way to get in the winter mood is the local Christmas carriage. This allows you to slow down and take an opportunity to experience the rest of Frankenmuth. 

Bay City State Park: 

Bay City boasts with a mile long beach front where you can experience great trails and woodland adventures like finding rare birds in their native habitat. When the beach front is covered in snow, this is also a great place for winter games like snowboarding, skiing, and ice fishing. 

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About the Author: John Greene
John Greene grew up in southwest Michigan and has lived up near the Great Lakes Bay Area for the last three years. In May of 2023, he returned to pastoral ministry after a hiatus and joined the 242 Saginaw staff. John is the quintessential nerd, his hobbies entail discussing Jesus, his wife Ashley, the gym, music, and even some anime.

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