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Posted On 01/21/2015

The "H" word

humble pie
I’ve been studying worship in the Old Testament for a while now.   Quite frankly, it’s been pretty boring.  There’s a lot of sacrifices – like literal, animal sacrifices.  There’s a lot of setting up altars as well. Piling rocks on each other, and that type of thing.  There’s also a lot of humility.  Oooooh, yeah, the “h” word.  Something musicians don’t come by so easily.
It’s not a dig
Don’t get upset, that really isn’t a dig. It’s just truth.  Musicians must know that we have talent most others do not.  Not just anyone can pick up a guitar and rock your face off with it.  For real.  Then, there are those musicians who can play anything the first time they pick it up, and can sing too!  Of course they know they are incredibly talented…if the focus isn’t kept on God this can really mess with a persons head.
King David
King David was an incredibly talented, incredibly successful man.  Do you know that he was a musician?  The Bible says that the music he played actually had the power to calm a demonically tormented Saul.  It’s in 1 Samuel, go check it out.
On our knees
This past Sunday, when our worship team was in the back room praying and listening to worship music before church, I got on my knees.  Getting on my knees is always somewhat uncomfortable for me to do in front of other people.  Not so much because I feel strange about it, but because I’m always concerned that they do.  Worship is a very intimate and personal thing, but at the same time it is something that we need to do alone, as well as together.
Being on our knees or being face down before our God is a very humbling experience. And being humble is oh, so, very important in any ministry position.    I really don’t know why the world chooses to assign status, but we do. We assign status to people who have titles, and especially to people who are in the public eye.  Whether we like it or not, worship teams are in the public eye.
We are small
Just recently I was at a breakfast event with about 2000 present. I saw a woman I had seen leading worship at another church a couple of times.  I knew immediately who she was, but she didn’t know me.  Chances are, if you play on a worship team, this has or will happen to you.  With our society’s obsession with fame and fortune, we can quickly be deceived into thinking we are something big. But the truth is that we are something small, something very, very small.  At least without God we are.
But in Christ
That’s one of the amazing things about following Christ – if we remain humble He will make something amazing out of our simple little lives.

 1 Peter 5:6 Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.
James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.

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