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Posted On 09/09/2015

Jesus and We || who We are

Who “We” are

In this short two-week series, we are taking a pause from what you might expect from a weekly “sermon” to remind you who “We” are as a church.  Life Bridge exists for a purpose.  We are a church who is part of The Church (the world-wide body of Christ), but with a specific purpose and mission.  Said quite simply,

We are a church for people who don’t go to church

From the very beginning, we were clear about our purpose.  We did not desire to be a church who attracted or “collected up” people who were already going to church somewhere.  We wanted to reach people who either had never heard the message of Jesus or been to church before or maybe have had a church experience, but have been turned off or injured by it.  We are not driven to create a place where church people feel comfortable or are entertained, we want to reach those who are lost or have gotten lost along the way — the lost, who have never heard or who have not yet believed and the gotten lost, who may have believed (or thought they did) but are wandering and questioning and hurt.

Found people find people

Another way of saying all that is “found people find people.”  When some finds hope, when they find the truth of what Jesus did for them and they accept and believe it, they cannot help but go out and find others.  When someone’s life is truly changed by the power we know exists in the gospel, it is a natural response to share it with those who need that hope.  This is not some pyramid-scheme urge.  This is not creating converts to count numbers.  This is a natural response to the good news of Jesus Christ and the power of a changed life.  We believe as a church of found people, we are offering something which no other person or organization can offer … eternal life through belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  And everything we do revolves around that.

 Why is this important?

You might be wondering why we would take a couple of weeks and repeat and remind people of who We are as a church.  It’s a great question, and I would offer a couple of thoughts.  First, we believe that “found people find people” is the way God works in the world.  The message of God’s love and what Jesus did for us is spread through you and me, and our efforts to reach out to people who are like we once were … lost.  We need to be reminded that church is not meant to be a classroom where we get “smarter.”  Church should be the fan to spark in your heart which was put there when you believed.  Yes, knowing God more is a big part of it, but if it stops there it only affects us.  We need to find others.  And when we do that together through God’s power, we can do BIG things.

The second reason why this is so important is for those who talk about us as “they.”  Okay, you need to give me a minute to explain.  There are people who faithfully come to Life Bridge, maybe even for some time, who talk about Life Bridge as “they.”  The conversation goes like this …

“Hey, where do you go to church?”

“Oh, I go to Life Bridge.”

“Oh, okay.  What’s Life Bridge like?”

“Oh, it’s great.  They’ve got great music there.  They’ve got a great kids ministry there.  They’ve got a ruggedly handsome teaching pastor there.” (Okay, maybe that last one isn’t on everybody’s list )

But whatever you say, it always seems to be in the language of “they.”  What you have done, really, is draw a circle and put Life Bridge (the pastors, and leaders, and people with different color Life Bridge t-shirts, and people who serve you coffee, or greet you at the door) in it and you do not feel a part of it.  You attend “there” and like it “there,” but it’s “them” and not “we.”  I need you to know that “We” don’t think that way.  “We” haven’t drawn that circle, “We” don’t wish for that circle to exist.  We don’t have membership, we don’t require blood samples, we don’t have a secret knock or clubs.  If you are that person, we want you to stop “attending” and start feeling and (more importantly) being a part of “We.”

I encourage you to watch the video and check out some of the BIG things we’ve been able to do together as the “We” of Life Bridge.  Find people, stop attending and become a part of the “We” God is allowing us to be.

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