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Posted On 08/20/2016

How do I know God wrote the Bible?

How do I know God wrote the Bible

How do you know that God wrote the bible? Do you believe He did? Do you only hold tightly to your faith or do you have other evidence? Our discussion during this 6 week, once every other week, group will attempt to answer those questions and more. We will discuss whether the bible is historically true, factual, and the common sighted problems in the text. This class is perfect for everyone from the recently baptized looking for a basis for their belief to the seasoned church veteran looking to strengthen their ability to evangelize the truths of the scripture and the skeptic who sees the bible as an old book with some moral teachings but nothing else.

Group meets from 6:30pm to 8pm on the dates below:
8/7 – Is the bible historically correct?
8/21 – Does their story hold up?
9/4 – How many times did the bible get it wrong/right?
9/11 – What did the disciples say about it?
9/25 – Do the prophesies hold up?
10/9 – Is the bible written by God?
10/23 – Final Group

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