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helping students take next steps with God.

We want every fifth grader up to a senior, to experience impactful teaching, engaging worship, high-energy activities, and strategic small groups.

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CIY MIX IS A SUMMER EVENT OF AWESOMENESS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR 6TH, 7TH, AND 8TH GRADE STUDENTS. CIY (Christ in Youth) exists to “amplify the call of Christ in the …


CIY (Christ In Youth) Move is a 5-day experience geared specifically for students, with lots of worship, nationally recognized speakers, and small group time. It’s pretty simple. We believe God …

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We want to make sure your experience at 2|42 Students Livonia is the best! One way we want to set you up for success is by preparing you for what you can expect. You might have some questions about what we’re all about and what happens during a 2|42 Students service. Maybe we can help answer some of those questions.

I'm a parent of a teen, what role do I play in this ministry?

We believe that parents/guardians have the MOST impact on their kid’s spiritual development. It’s estimated that our leaders will only get around 40 hours with a kid each year. Compare that to the 3,000 hours per year that a parent will have! That’s why we do whatever it takes to equip and empower parents as spiritual leaders through weekly and monthly resources, classes, and events.

Why emphasize small groups?

Small groups are how we make a large experience small. It’s a way to personalize, connect, and grow together. Students are in groups of 8-12 and are partnered with one to two small group leaders.

What do you do to ensure my student's safety?

We do extensive background checks on our volunteers and have a thorough registration system to ensure that your students are safe and cared for. Volunteers experience procedure/policy training and receive consistent feedback from highly qualified staff.

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Livonia staff

Jahvahka “Chewy” Blaylock

Jahvahka “Chewy” Blaylock

Students Pastor