Kevin Davis - March 21, 2021

Party Like It's the A.D.s | A Party with Friends

Have you ever had a party by yourself? It's more fun with friends! God has called us to invite as many people as possible to His party. Let's work on the invites!

From Series: "Party Like it's the A.D.s"

Did you know that Jesus partied? Oh yeah, he did! In this series, we are going to explore the parties that are mentioned in the New Testament. And, there are actually quite a few. As we look at what Jesus celebrated, we actually learn more about who he is. (Psst…if you haven’t caught on yet, we’re combining the time of Jesus, the A.D.s, and the 1980s.) So, let’s party with Jesus through the gospels while celebrating one of the greatest decades ever! Dust off those acid wash jeans, jackets with shoulder pads, and pull that hair into a side pony!

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