Brad Tate - September 20, 2015

I Wish I Could Start Over

Our attempts to find love, purpose, and meaning on our own lead to an endless cycle of longing and regret; but if we decide to return to God, we’ll find we can always start over.

From Series: "Finding Your Way Back To God"

In a day and age of GPS, most of us don’t worry much about how to find our way to places. We simply type in a destination and follow the prompts until we arrive where we intended to be. What if it was that easy to find your way back to God? Most of us believe in God and at one point in time felt very close to Him. But somewhere along the way we have grown distant and even disillusioned to the idea of God. “Finding Your Way Back to God” is a five week series where we will be talking about the prompts to listen for, as we seek to find our way back to a God, we once loved, who has always loved us.

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