Chad Caddell - January 30, 2017

Search Me

We encounter several people in our day to day lives. Our coworkers, family members, and friends are constantly around us. But how many of them actually know you? Truly knowing someone is more than being aware of their name; it’s having intimate knowledge of their heart. This week we are going to talk about the dangerous prayer “search me,” and we are going to invite God to truly know our hearts.

From Series: "Dangerous Prayers"

Often times we pray simple and safe prayers asking God’s blessing on a meal or thanking him for our day. When is the last time you prayed a dangerous prayer? Dangerous Prayers are prayers where the outcome may be God showing up in your life in a miraculous way, and moving in you with power. Over the next three weeks we are going to discuss some of these types of prayers, and take our next steps in talking to God.

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