Brad Tate - February 2, 2020

Why I Don't Read the Bible? It doesn't work for me.

The reason the Bible doesn’t work for many of us is because we often don’t put it into practice in our lives. This weekend we’ll take a look in the mirror and examine how we can take part in the mission of scripture.

From Series: "Why I Don't Read The Bible"

The Bible is consistently the most controversial book in every generation. Yet, a very small percentage of the population actually reads the Bible for themselves. Instead, we choose to just trust what other people tell us about the Bible. Why is that? Are we scared to read it? Do we really think we know everything it has to say? What is the real reason why I don’t read the Bible? If you have a hunch that the contents of the Bible are important and may even be from God, but have not read it for yourself, this series will change your life.

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