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Posted On 12/09/2015

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Do you have a favorite Christmas song?

Maybe it’s because the radio has gotten worse and worse about how soon they start playing Christmas music, or because the common thing to say now is, “Can you believe how early they started playing Christmas music this year?” (Yeah, mom. We get it. It starts early every year. ) But there’s almost this distaste in Christmas music these days because the mainstream seems to use it for one purpose only:
It’s all about listening to this station, or shopping at that store, or making sure you get the deal, or finding the one. It’s all about making our live better. The merriness of Christmas music is often sabotaged by selfish intentions.
What would happen if our worship was sabotaged by the selfish intentions of numbers and self glory? What would happen if we only sang for others to hear us, or only to feel fulfilled as a good Christian? What if we only put our hands up so others saw us?
It would suck. Whenever people heard Christians speak they’d immediately tune us out.
Unfortunately, that already happens. But we can change it…
A way to reverse selfishness is (it’s gonna sound a little obvious) to be less selfish and more selfless. Sure, it does sound obvious, but what if it’s that simple? This season, we can be less selfish in all we do by remembering one simple thing :

Remember who we are worshiping and why we are worshiping in all we do.

Let’s actually keep God at the forefront of everything.
Music has the magic to make us reflect—to help us see areas of our lives where we need to let our actions and words be set to the tone of worshiping God.
Because without keeping our focus on Christ’s love this season we may become just as annoying as corporate driven Christmas music.

TAKE: Luke 14|2, 1 Corinthians 10|31
GIVE: Buy someone’s lunch
PRAY: May my heart worship you God.
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