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Posted On 12/09/2015

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If you don’t know this by now then you’ve either lived your life in the South Pole or you haven’t been outside during the Christmas season.
It’s better to give, than to get.
A common expression, right? We see it everywhere, and often times express it on twitter or instagram for everyone to see when we do something kind. But what if that statement was false? I know, it sounds absurd, but what if it’s true?
As Christ followers, we are constantly receiving things from God. His never ending love, his continual grace, his provision, his hope, joy, wisdom, care—all things we receive from God.
It’s one of the only times taking is better than giving. And from doing so, we’re able to worship God with our giving. When we go into the world, we’re able to give things through him that mean so much more than temporary gifts.
As we act out grace in our daily lives—as we worship God—he refills us. He give us life and all we have to do is receive it.
What would it look like if, through the loved we’ve received from God, we in turn give love? We give hope. We give joy. We give care. All through Christ and all for the glory of the one whom we received first.
It would change cultures. Because giving would become less about receiving a good and happy feeling in your heart and more about worshiping our creator.

TAKE: Colossians 2|6-7
GIVE: Donate five cans of food.
PRAY: God, continually fix my heart to be aliened with yours, that I may give in glory to you.
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