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Posted On 12/10/2015

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After a long and tiresome day, you get to a party at your friends house and from across the room is that person you have the biggest crush on. The music in the background starts playing Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and although the day’s been rough, your heart instantly flies back to fifth gear and you feel as though you can take on the world.
All the pieces fell into place, and the music set the tone for “Nascar driver” You to punch it.
It’s amazing how music can do that, how it can change a mood in a matter of notes. And then days, weeks, months, even years later, moments intertwined with songs still flashes in your mind when you hear those melodies again.
Whether it’s a love story, a night with best friends, an hour at a coffee shop or a break up with something by Coldplay going through your head, there’s often a song that expresses how we feel when we can’t find the words to say it.
Sometimes it’s just easier to turn up the volume and drown out what’s around us because music can make us feel emotions we didn’t know we could. No wonder why so many psalms were set to the tone of different musical pieces. It’s powerful.
And God created music. He knows how impactful it is.
But, what’s the music that plays in our hearts when nothing else is? What’s the song of our mind? What’s the sound of our faith? David had songs of sadness and songs of glee, but all of them were intertwined with God’s song.
God knows when we’re in a season of happiness and our hearts beat to the newest hits. But he also knows when we can’t get off of a gut wrenching Sia piece.
But the thing is, in all of it, God is right there with us, playing his song. And it’s simply called Love.
Whatever we’re in the midst in, whether it’s joy or depression, let us listen for the music God is playing. Because no matter what, his song will continue forever and ever.

TAKE: Psalms 30
GIVE: Text three people and tell them why their special.
PRAY: Tune my ears to your song, God, that I may be an amplifier the world.
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