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Posted On 12/11/2015

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When visiting other Churches, I’m often reminded how blessed we are to be have such an incredible worship band. Seriously, those guys are awesome and every week they put on a great show.
But the show isn’t about them. It’s not about the stage. It’s not even about the music.
I had trouble getting over that hurdle, because when someone sucks at singing, you know they suck. It’s hard to get into the rhythm of God when the vocalist screeches out a note worse than the mom at the end of Elf. It’s distracting, no denying that.
But the issue for me was that my heart wasn’t even in the right place to begin with. I needed to remind myself that I wasn’t there to hear good music, I was there to worship God.
When we hear the word worship, we often associate that with music. But when all the music stops, will your heart still worship God?
Because when the band isn’t playing, when we’re not surrounded by flashy lights and talented musicians, when we’re not in the Jesus mood, life strums its cords. And the reality is, we don’t hear the sound of Sunday’s worship moment during the blaring noise of Monday’s trials.
But what if we could?
Because the thing is, worship is not about the music.

Truly worshiping God is a heart and a mind focused on Him and living a life according to His love. Singing praises is just one of the many great ways we do so.


But Jesus was never meant to be confined to the worship on Sunday. He walks into our schools with us, our works, our homes, our teams, our trials, our friendships—our lives. And He continues to play His song, and welcomes you and me into worshiping him with every beat of our hearts.

TAKE: Psalm 71|5-8
GIVE: See a Santa raising money for Charity? Shake a bell with him for 1 minute.
PRAY: God, when the song of life is blaring, may I hear your song evermore.
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