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Posted On 12/15/2015

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Mid July, you’re driving down the street, and you pass that one house that still has decorations up from Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, a birthday and some other holiday that you can’t exactly pin point.
And every time you pass by you wonder if either
A. They’re dead.
B. They just don’t care.
C. They’ve gotta be blind.
It’s cluttered! And it looks awful! (Sorry, if that’s your house, but it’s the truth.)
There’s so much going on you don’t know what’s going on!
But…if we’re being honest, how many times are our lives like that?
How many times are our life yards more cluttered than that yard?
How many times do we live lives where one moment we’re praising Jesus with hands held high and the next we’re choosing to drink, gossip, look at porn, cheat, put ourselves first or cut others down?
How many times is our top priority to decorate our popularity, our body, our lives—how much we drank, who we slept with, what we did—how we live, and not Christ?
If our lives we’re a yard of decorations, they’d look worse than that house because putting a Jesus banner on our life doesn’t hide the other decorations.
The world sees at you as a light on a hill, Jesus told us that. And as that light, they see everything else. They see every other decoration we flaunt. To many times we choose to display the Jesus banner as equal to or less important than the sinful embellishments of our lives.
We forget that we decorate our lives with every action we take.
Every act—every choice, decorates us. It’s a startling thought. And kind of intimidating. But it’s also an exciting one, because with every act—big or super super tiny—we can make the world brighter through Christ.
So, what do you’re actions say about who you are and what you value? How are you decorating your life yard? Is it time to get rid of some decorations? Can you help a friend take down some seasons of their life?
May the greatest decoration in your life yard shine on the world through your actions.

TAKE: Matthew 5|14-16 & Isaiah 64|6
GIVE: By a teacher coffee
PRAY: I am yours, and you are mine. May my life show that.
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