Share Your Story

Stories give us a window into each other’s powerful life experiences. Stories can bring help, hope, and encouragement to those that hear them. Here at 2|42 Community Church, we value your stories and would love for you to share them with us.

Tell us how your life has been touched or impacted by something you’ve experienced through 2|42 Community Church.

Record/write a 1-3 minute story about how you have been touched or impacted through 2|42 Community Church.


Try some of these questions:

  • How has your life changed since you decided to follow Jesus?
  • How has God challenged you and how has that changed you?
  • When did you decide to follow Jesus? Why?
  • Who has played a big part in your relationship with Jesus?

Videos/stories may appear in various promotional venues including (but not limited to): website, weekend services, social media, and other 2|42 Community Church marketing channels.