Be A Neighbor

Here are 14 practical ways for you to be a better neighbor…

  1. Drop off coffee and donuts to a business that opens early in your neighborhood
  2. Put a free car wash gift certificate on neighbors’ windshields
  3. Put a potted flower on your neighbor’s porch
  4. Offer to buy pizza and have a neighborhood picnic
  5. Mow your neighbor’s lawn
  6. Drop off toilet paper
  7. Drop off food to the elderly
  8. Plan a neighborhood block party so everyone can get to know each other better
  9. Bake some cookies for your neighbor
  10. Make a gift basket for someone you know who’s dealing with health issues
  11. Plan an “eye spy” for the kids in your neighborhood
  12. Write a note to someone telling them godly qualities you see in them
  13. Buy a gift for someone from a locally owned shop
  14. Keep lose change to put in tip jars
Download this thank you card and send it to a neighbor!