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Posted On 04/03/2014

Meet the newest member of our team

This church runs on it’s incredible leaders. We have several circles of leaders all united towards the audacious goal of creating a church for non church types. There are five key teams that make Life Bridge hum like a well oiled machine. All of these teams are comprised of volunteers:

  • Finance Team: Diligently working behind the scenes to set budgets and make sure every dime we spend has its biggest potential impact for the mission.
  • Elders: Reinforcing the mission and carefully keeping a watch to ensure this church is on task to bring God glory.
  • Ministry Leaders: They make it seem effortless, but each area of the church from snacks in the Refinery on Sunday morning to cleaning the floors on Friday, is lead by a volunteer leader.
  • Creative Team: If its fun, unorthodox or powerful, this team probably came up with it. These volunteers keep us thinking outside the box.
  • Life Group Leaders: Our connection makers. Leaders devoted to facilitating a group of about 8- 20 people. They lead discussions about the Bible and offer a great environment for people to grow in their relationship with Christ.

There is one more team that is vital … our staff. Now, I use the term “staff” loosely because only half of our “staff” actually receives compensation for their work. Those who aren’t paid fulfill the duties of both part and full time positions. Even those we are able to pay are only minimally compensated. It in no way comes close to paying each of them what they are worth or represents the hours they have put in to accomplish their ministry.
In short, this church could not function without the sacrifice of time and money given by our staff. Why do they do it? There is only one reason, they want to use their gifts and abilities toward the mission of spreading God’s love. If you haven’t met our current staff, here they are….
debwebDeb Kok, Elementary Director
68667_4993569564501_1430665383_nRhonda Dolunt,  Nursery & Pre-K Director
1969147_10203514192482424_311656949_nLucas Hrabnicky, Student Pastor
1607111_10203590265661350_870348618_nToni Lyn Sarna, Service Programming Director/ Admin Assistant
1959370_10202889101446537_658733825_nLibbie Hall, Worship Director

Meet The New Guy

God has smiled on us again by sending yet another key leader to our staff.  Scott Lomas is coming on board as our Life Groups Pastor. He has the unique ability to do this job full time without compensation. He will be organizing our groups and making it his objective to connect everyone who attends on Sunday Morning into a small group community where they can flourish in their relationship with God.

SlomoScott Lomas, Life Groups Pastor

Man of the streets: Scott worked in a Tattoo Shop

The most interesting man in the world: Scott spent 10 years in the Army traveling the world. They lived in Missouri, Maryland, Georgia (3 times), Virginia, Germany, and England. The first 4 years, he was a mechanic assigned to combat units, but ended up leading a Quick Reactionary Force (QRF). The last 6 years he changed his specialty and was scooped up by the NSA to work on what is referred to as, “the black side”, which is about all he can say about that.
Family: Scott is married to Julie Lomas and they  have two beautiful daughters, Jenna (28) and Whitney (24). As well as, two granddaughters, Olivia (6) and Lily (3).
Hobbies: Scott and Julie love to bike ride and they are a part of the Make-A-Wish cycling team. Last year they did a 3 day – 300 mile bike ride that went from Traverse City to MIS. They plan on doing it again this July. They also enjoy doing outdoor stuff like canoeing, rock climbing, 5K run, Warrior Dash, and this year Tough Mudder. They are also putting the finishing touches on the book they are writing for newlyweds (but is relevant for all married couples), “I Do – Now What?”

Go Team!

Please take time to thank all of these amazing workers and be sure to welcome Scott and his wife Julie to our church family!

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