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Posted On 12/31/2017

New Years Eve – Online Message

Contributions to Life Bridge help create a church for people who don’t normally go to church. We are 100% committed to making our community a better place by sharing God’s love in practical ways.


Our lives are just a series of decisions. Some of the decisions we made were really good…. And if we are honest, Some of those decisions were really bad.
My bad decisions

  • I once decided to call my mom the B-word at the breakfast table. My dad pinned me against the wall and told me not to talk to his wife that way. That was a bad decisiion
  • I decided to set down a 300 pound block of concrete on another peice of concrete with my finger underneath it. That was a bad decision
  • I mouthed off to my boss and that got me in hot water. What was worse, my boss … was the pastor of the church I worked at. That was a bad decision
  • I racked up credit card one Christmas assuming a big tax return and found out that year I  wasn’t’ getting anything back..  Oops that was a bad decision\

We all make bad decisions. Sometimes because its in the heat of the moment, and sometimes its because we really just don’t know any better. These decisions define us. Sometimes the decisions to just seconds to make, but often we suffer with the consequences for years.
Imagine if you could go back

  • Not take that job
  • Buy that house
  • Date that guy
  • Say that to your kids

Wouldn’t it be amazing if 2018 was the year wear you made all the right decisions?  Just 12 months of doing the right thing. That … would be a gamechanger
Thats what I want to do in this video. I want to share with  you a promise from God. God promises to protect us from bad decisions.
If we are going to make good decisions then we need “wisdom. “
Wisdom definition : the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment
But not just any wisdom. See our wisdom has caused problems, remember all thos bad decisions? We don’t want wisdom from anyone else, because whose to say if they are really any smarter than us.
No, what we need is wisdom from God. Here is what is awesome. God promises to give anybody who wants it his wisdom.
James 1:5
If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.
That is incredibly powerful. Think about it. The God who made everything.
The universe, the sun, stars, moon. Every animal  on earth. Every creature in the ocean. Ever bird in the sky. With His own wisdom he made all of that is AND he made you.
He now offers that wisdom to you. With no hitch. All you have to do is ask… and its yours.
Body of the message:
Lets break down that verse.
If any of you lacks wisdom
The first step is admitting we lack wisdom
You should ask God
Solomon asked God for wisdom (tell the whole story)
However, solomon had wisdom, he did not always act on it.
Who gives to all generously without finding fault
No matter how far off the rails you gone. God doesn’t let that stop you from him giving you wisdom
Imagine if my daughter asked me for something. Would I hold all her mistakes against her?
And it will be given to you.
How do I know I have wisdom?
You have to listen and look for it
Make 2018 amazing this year. Make this the year with great decisions. Commit to asking God for wisdom in every situation. Pray this prayer with other people.

Plan a visit to Life Bridge

We know that attending church for the first time can be intimidating. You are just curious and don’t want to stick out.
Here are a few questions we can answer for you right now:

1. Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

No. We are a church for people who don’t go to church. We have purposefully created a safe and open environment for you to get all your questions answered as well as allowing you the opportunity to discover what the Bible says and who Jesus is.

2. Do I need to be a member?

Many people have contacted us, prior to their first visit, to ask if they need to be a member to attend. Not at all, in fact, we don’t have membership. There is nothing you need to do to visit Life Bridge.

3. What should I wear?

We don’t have a dress code and there are no expectations. Well, maybe one….Please, don’t come naked. Most of the people on stage and in the audience dress very casually

4. What about my kids?1470046_872970262748734_1765183293579590594_n

We have an incredible and secure children’s ministry for children Newborn – 5th grade called UPSTREET.  We promise, they are going to love it! If it is your first weekend with us, you may want to come 10 min early to get them all checked in before the service begins.  After your first visit, children’s check-in is a piece of cake. Upstreet is offered during both the 10:00 & 11:30 service.

5. What about my kids 6th grade and up?

We work hard at engaging everyone 12 to 85 years old during our weekend services. We figure if the students like it then the adults are going to love it! Also, on Sunday evenings, we have an environment just for our teens. Check out our Encounter Student Ministries page for middle school and high school students.

6.How long are the services and what happens?

All of our services are identical and last about an hour. We have a live band and an engaging teaching from the Bible.

7. Will I stick out?

No. We are a growing church and have many visitors each weekend. Again, we know it’s intimidating to be a newbie. We have designed each of our weekend experiences around visitors so that they might feel as comfortable as possible. We are just glad your coming!

Got more questions?

We hope you decide to attend. We think you will find we are a pretty welcoming bunch. Have more questions for us? Shoot us an email or give us a call 734-309-7870

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